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The City

You can get his friends to this exciting venture, it will brighten any child's holiday. Children will be proud of friendship with your child when they see their photos in a slideshow on his website. Your relatives living in other countries can now see pictures of your child. You should be reminded of your child's life is a real voshebstvom, which may well be its future profitable profession. Please contact if anything is not clear, we write for free for you personally and will send additional vidourok it to your mail. If the disc is purchased as a gift, please contact us baby's name – Rusya write to him personally friendly greeting free and it will be enclosed in a box with the disc It's like watching a movie on TV while sitting on your favorite couch, while getting some really interesting and useful knowledge. All bales special technical literature thing of the past century.

Your child learns he needs in the future without straining, effortlessly! No more blame him for his laziness, because he's right! And you do not need to keep all his old pictures, scan them, Let them stored in the inernet! Let them see the world! Yes, this is not a professional painting, but they have a charm of spontaneity. That's what we love our children. The child himself can now create a website and put yourself all figures in a colorful slide show with background music, or to create an animated portrait of his fotografii.Ego imagination has no boundaries and the world knows about it! And if he does not suddenly become clear to some point of video tutorial, it will always be able to click on the pause and repeat a hundred times! and you do not have to run through the city to look for teachers, pay them big money for hourly lessons, spend time and energy on the road.


It's no secret that the dashing 90's era carried with it all the charm of a shock change of socio-economic relations. As the newly minted state could not perform its functions, including law enforcement, regulatory, distribution, and others that this deficit is made up for criminals, the shadow economy, corruption model of interaction between business and government. Therefore, generation of state top-managers "survived" this period could not be affected by this way of life. Key issues were resolved outside of the economic wing of the legislative field, in the first place, because of the presence of loopholes in the hastily written law, and, secondly, because lack of experience of interaction with business in the new state services. Any official who dealt with or materially affect the cash flows of the business, necessarily faced with the need to solve real business problems within the violation of the law to refuse to succumb to any violation of law. In the first case, the real business issues would have remained unsolved, which would lead to the fact that cash flow (business) has to protect itself from illegal way – crime, fraud and so on. In particular, these methods could be directed against the very officials, such as intimidation or blackmail, which also tried to persuade officials to meet business contrary to law. In favor of the first version of moral values played a residual from the USSR. Of course, over time they gradually became weaker and true. In addition, any manager should normally absorb innovations very first, to, for example, play in the race for the leadership with subordinates.

Costa Smeralda Organized Resort Paradise

Costa Smeralda in the translation from Italian Emerald Coast, which is very accurately conveys the prevailing color of the sea-scape of the northern coast of Sardinia. In the early 1950s, the Costa Smeralda, formerly known as District 'Monty Mola di', is a wild poberzhe north-eastern Sardinia, with deserted beaches, white sand and granite rocks of fantastic shapes. This region was at that time almost uninhabited, there was virtually no roads and any infrastructure. Then very few people in the world knew about this wonderful nook in Sardinia, Sardinia and she was considered inhospitable land and inhabited by gangsters. In the early 1960s, employee World Bank, Mr. Duncan Miller, was sent to Sardinia to see the results of a large campaign of extermination. He was so fascinated by the pristine beauty of the island of Sardinia, which has convinced a group of friends to visit this land.

Among his friends was a young Harvard graduate Prince Karim Aga Khan IV, who saw Monty di Mola, immediately realized the unlimited commercial value of several kilometers of pristine beaches on the north-east of Sardinia. At the However, he felt a deep sense and irresistible attraction to the land. This was the beginning of a great business initiative, which made a wild region off the coast of northeastern Sardinia in an organized resort paradise. In 1962 a group of industrialists and financiers from different countries, led by Prince Karim Aga Khan IV, was a consortium called the Costa Smeralda. The main idea of the consortium was to arrangement of the north-eastern coast of Sardinia in order to implement large-scale project for the development of elite tourism in the municipalities of Arzachena and Olbia in part.

In a short time the consortium has acquired about three thousand hectares of coastal land to the north-east of Sardinia. The project included the construction of the airport, the establishment of airlines, construction of five star hotels and luxury villas, observing certain strict rules by which the virgin coastal landscape of Sardinia in the north-eastern part remained untouched and preserved until today. In order to protect and preserve the land and the environment on the Costa Smeralda was prohibited plant, many plant species. Incredible attention to the environment and the manifestation of uniformity in the architectural ensemble of the Costa Smeralda are the main objectives of this project. The first luxury hotels and exclusive villas on the Costa Smeralda was put into operation already in 1963 – 1964, respectively. This time can be called a new era in the history of economic development Gallura (northern coast of Sardinia). At this point in Arzachena some extent Sardinia get their new "glam" look. The world elite starts sezhatsya on the Costa Smeralda in the summer months, seeking refuge from annoying fans and curious paparazzi. The world-famous movie stars, sports and show business here are accustomed to a luxury and at the same time quiet and solitude in an ecologically clean region surrounded by the unique maritime landscape of Sardinia. The capital and heart of the Costa Smeralda is the small town of Porto Cervo. Today, Porto Cervo offers everything you need to meet the needs of vacationers elite: the beautiful beaches (Lisha Ruyya, Romatstsino, Kapricholi, IL Pevero, La Chelvey, Rena Bianca Principe), marinas, trendy clubs and restaurants, luxury villas and hotels, sports facilities, golf courses, boutique clothing and accessories from leading designers from the world-famous. The symbols of the Costa Smeralda are the three Hotels: Cervo, Cala di Pitritstsa and Volpe. The hotels belong to the class of luxury and are well known in elite tourism.