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Peugeot Company

However, travel to important meetings, conferences and business trips may not be an everyday occurrence in life of the company, and hire a driver in this case is economically inefficient. In a more modest car firms often lead the employees themselves, but every manager understands that the best representative of the company to rest on the road and prepare for the meeting, what nervous in "traffic jams" and follow the traffic safety. Rent a car with a driver to help solve the problem of infrequent movements outside of the office and will save the company money or organization. A company's employees, returning from a major event, will be able to relax on the road. Comfort and safety of vehicles with a personal driver differ from the usual taxis that they have no unmarked trucking companies: no usual "shashechek" on one side or the "comb" on the roof. Outwardly it is – the usual "Ford", "Peugeot" or "BMW", where there is everything necessary to ensure passenger comfort: power windows, air conditioning, comfortable headrests, folding rear seats. No less attention is paid to security: Every car is equipped with an airbag and is insured for risks and CTP AUTOCASCO, and daily inspection ensures the serviceability of all existing nodes and elements of the machine.

In some models, there are intelligent systems to protect passengers. Car park, "City Taxi" presented many different models of representation and business class. It includes the Peugeot 406, Peugeot 607, Ford Focus II, BMW B6-B7, new Ford Mondeo. Official cars are equipped with leather seats luxury, heated seats, armrests front and rear. There are filters and ventilation, resulting in maximum fresh air in the cabin during the trip. Pick-up Time Time renting a car with a driver depends on you: you can place an order for an hour or on the day, but you can use this service for a few days of vacation, business trip or at a time when travel by own car, for whatever reason can not.


Taking advantage of this space, I would remind them that to avoid having problems in his efforts and authorization of documents, it is necessary that your company or individual person have updated your registration details in the SAT. The Superintendency of tax administration SAT, requires that taxpayers have updated their data at least once a year. By what we advise that if you have not updated your details contact any tax administration agency with your cedula original neighbourhood and ask for a UDF form, this form can verify your data that are correct. If you find discrepancies, then request a form SAT 14 for and make your modifications. In the event the data are correct, then sign the UDF and present accompanied by his Cedula of neighbourhood or DPI window, at that time in the Office of the SAT they handed him an update record. Not having updated data SAT took the policy of blocking the NIT, with this lock may not perform any management as such authorize invoices, books or documents. To learn about the base that uses the SAT to require updating, 6-91 tax code can check it in the article 120 Decree.

Working at home

Working at home has its advantages and disadvantages, conozcalas and tengalas present: advantages: 1 – higher productivity because it increases between 50 to 60 percent, is used best time, there is a greater personal control. 2. Reduction of tension, eliminates stress, of the traffic vehicles, time of entry and exit, excessive noise, the ongoing.3-comfort comversaciones for the job: feel more productive, develop with pleasure the activity, do not feel the pressure of schedules. As disadvantages: 1-feeling of isolation: some value personal contact with colleagues for what they consider that working at home is frustrating. 2-Interference in hours of work.There are problems to maintain discipline without modifying the fixed schedule, the members of the family do not understand even if you follow at home is within a timetable of work 3-obsession by constant work.Working at home is very comfortable because the Office is a few steps from the House but there is a danger of falling into the work routine as it is more work 12 hours non-stop. Keep in mind these tips that will help you succeed at home. 1. Set schedule specific 2-do not work in your room or bed. 3. Do not work in pajamas