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Chief Executive Officer

Although the creator of Bratz was employed by Mattel when he invented the dolls. Court condemns Mattel, Barbie owner, to pay 218 million to MGA. Damages to his rival and in compensation for the costs of the process. A judge has sentenced the Mattel toy to pay more than 309 million dollars (218 million euros) to its rival MGA Entertainment after a judicial ruling resolved in April that the Bratz dolls were independent of the Barbie Empire, reported last Friday the Los Angeles Times. Mattel started litigation against MGA for the rights of exploitation of Bratz, they were born in 2001 with a more modern and urban air and became serious competition from the classic Barbie, on the grounds that its creator designed them while he was employed by his company in 2004. After two trials, a Californian federal court gave the reason in April to MGA and this week the magistrate responsible for the case, David o. Carter, condemned to Mattel to pay somewhat more than 309 million dollars for damage caused to his rival and in compensation for the costs of the process and the expensive fees of lawyers.

I feel vindicated and very excited. I am happy by MGA, its employees and all the people who believed in us and not left us all these years, said Isaac Larian, Chief Executive Officer of the company based in Los Angeles. Carter Bryant, designer of the Bratz the judge Carter dismissed, in addition, the request of Mattel that repeat of the trial to consider that your request, which explained that the jury’s decision lacked due support from evidence to pronounce in favor of MGA, was unfounded. We follow dumps to find a reasonable solution to the dispute, Mattel said in a statement that explained that it evaluates these steps to follow. Barbie owners insist that Carter Bryant, the Bratz Designer, and founder of MGA, was employed by Mattel when he devised the dolls in the early 1990s and which violated the clause of inventions that had signed with the company to bring their creations out of Mattel. The first trial ended in 2008 with a verdict that was contrary to MGA and demanded that company that put an end to the production of Bratz. MGA appealed and won an Appeals Court annulled the first trial in July on the grounds that several errors had occurred in the process. Source of the news: Bratz dolls are independent of the Barbie Empire, according to a judge