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In that night it entered in sad house. A sadness that could not define. Already wise person knew itself and who aquelesentimento would pass. Still thus she thought about investigating it. She made what it sad? What the taste of the things took off it? It left what it melancholic? Wise person who it was not nacidade. But also wise person who its absence could not be the investigated reason, after all, exactly when in the city, it never she was truily with it.

She concluded that to be sad she was of its nature, that would not lose more tempoinvestigando the reasons. She would make different. She thought about imagining what lhefazia happy. Thus she thought that she could neutralize happy the sad thoughts with aslembranas. How arduous work! It had poucaslembranas happy! It was lain down in its great decasal bed, either even so single (that it seemed bigger of what never) and opened olivro that waited all to it the nights on the improvised headboard small table, did not obtain to read a page. All its past it aflua to the memory. Comoposso not to remember happy moments! The hours had passed diaamanheceu, it. It raised, exactly not having nailed the eyes.

He was worried. It passed todamanh ruminating thoughts. As one did not remember when it are happy! It was to lunch. It entered noRestaurante. It complimented to all as of custom. doGarom accepted the suggestion. Who knows good comidinha would not change its mood? It ate without much taste. Not that acomida it was bad, was it who had lost the flavor of the life. Its tristezaj if showed different of the other times! What it will be that happened? It thought again about it. It laughed deseus devaneios. It was impossible, thought. She was to visit a friend. Good colloquy thought queuma could help it.


Nide demonstrated to size dissatisfaction in face of the decision of the ministry of the environment in allowing the nesting of people in the next areas to the park. One politics is necessary that aims at the conservation of the archaeological small farms of the Piau. A possible solution expressed for Diva Maria would be ' ' the federal falling of the existing historical small farms in the Piau, as much the agricultural ones how many the urban ones, in view of the drawn out suffered adjournment, must get attention imediata' '. (Maria, 2003, p.408). this idea must be a present pretension in the thought of all those that knowledge of the importance of the archaeological small farms for the tourism has.

Pretensions are many, but the investments on the part of the government are few, project example as of the Mountain range of the Capivara really it is reasonable, however, he is not complete, it is necessary the union of some agencies of the public power, in the attempt of if arriving at a consensus, and not leaving that attitudes as of the ministry of the environment, when allowing that slum quarters if install in the park, come to all bar the development of the archaeological tourism that would even though benefit of indirect direct form i all the Brazilian society and the international society, allowing that students foreigners study and search in ours country. 2. TOURISM, CULTURE AND TURISMLOGO the tourism is directly on the culture, that is, we can coming across in them with tourist of diverse habits of ours, as well as we can visualize in our trips the archaeological places and small farms that express different cultures of the past, making that let us perceive similarities and differences with our culture. The culture is dynamic, changeable, however, we cannot forgetting in them our roots, our cultural identity, that is, we must perceive it, in this direction Carlos We read salient that ' ' we must preserve as being one obrigao' '.