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The Management

It pays the price of its actions (exactly made a mistake) or does not try nothing and it dies. It looks for to reflect and to record this message: ‘ ‘ The mark of a company is the image that the people they construct in its minds of this empresa’ ‘. for in such a way is necessary to find a form dynamic to create VALUE in its Business! The yield comes with the VALUE and not with the PRICE! Valley the penalty the risk to lose businesses to assume the leadership next to the competition. The enterprise organizations need to be prepared the time all to pass for great changes and innovations in the organizacional structure. She is necessary if to always reinventar (Peter Drucker, this is the face). The main competitive advantage of any company is the Quality of Relationship with its customers, suppliers, partners, collaborators and employees (its competitors can have products/better so good services or until that its). If you in fact are not made use to risk you are because you are not compromised to the changes. To have enterprise success it is necessary to hear the CUSTOMER! We need, much, sincerely, to believe that the customer is ‘ ‘ REI’ ‘. Check out Howard Schultz for additional information.

Its employees also they are its customers! alone exists a management: The Strategical Management! The companies who will not be able to adjust its processes to the new forms of performance will be to the edge of the market. We need to have the conscience of that we are made use to sacrifice for a time our interests and profits to invest in the binomial: Quality X Effectiveness! Which is the pointer for the market of that its company has a great Value and generates much Value? One of the answers is in the Quality of its Human resources! The efficient ability of the actions and the enterprise objectives is based on the Human Capital. The professional and personal talentos of the internal collaborators are that they create the competitive differential that will go to guarantee the longevity of the Business! The new millenium has shown the basic and increasing importance to manage the Human Capital instead of simply, to manage people When we observe the employees who ‘ ‘ they make diferena’ ‘ , we perceive that they are those that possess one high Intellectual Capital, incorporated to one ripened Emotional Intelligence. They are who generate the results most significant. The human element is, solely, what it can decide the equation: Ability X Result! The question that if considers is as to maximize the potential and the performance of individuals, separately, and in work groups? A way of high return is the Training.

the Leadership is the factor-key in this process. It has in mind, that the LEADER is not what she orders, but, what she commands, what she stimulates, she influences, she motivates, she encourages The Management of People, the Leadership and the Organizacional Development walk ‘ ‘ side by side ‘ ‘. In the enterprise world a way only exists: PRA FRONT! to 1.Aprimorar the existing business. to 2.Impulsionar the growth of new businesses. to 3.Semear business-oriented options of future growth.

Cristvo Columbus

In accordance with Galeano, the Spaniard and the Portuguese withheld the raw materials with which as much coveted, but only for an limited time. ' ' Spain had the cow, but others they took leite' ' , Galeano. It had at that time an intense dispute or European fight for the conquest of the Spanish market that offered the market in such a way as the silver of America. Caterpillar contributes greatly to this topic. ' ' The more commerce with the Spaniard has a State, more silver tem' ' , Galeano. With passing of the years America became a European business, with use of force of aboriginal work, mainly, in the mines as, for example, Potos. This exploration of the mineradora economy gave a great impulse to the British manufactures, a time that favored the Revolution Industrial and provided ways to fight against the rising forces of the modern economy. The colonial economy was supported and conducted by the merchants, the owners of the mines and, the great land proprietors (latifundium), that they were supervised by the crown and its main partner, the church. The great available man power and the enormous European consumption for products and American spices, had become possible a vultosa accumulation of capitals in the Iberian colonies.

This money was wasted in the constructions of great palaces and ostentosos temples, in the purchase of jewels, clothes and furniture of luxury and to wastefulness in parties. This form of mineradora exploration, in Potos, and agriculturist (sugar cane-of-sugar, north-eastern Brazilian) relieved good and capitals, in the vision of Galeano, for some European countries and had only left stops backwards millions of dead indians and the large states, had consumed lands contributing for the desertificao process. Relating Galeano with Todorov, both the authors affirm that the Europeans, since Cristvo Columbus, if felt superiors to the aboriginals and made use of the alteridade do not stop if placing in the place of the other, more to impose its cultural values to excessively.

Strategical Performance

Position CEO (Chief Executive Officer), in many organizations, called of Executive Director or Managing Generality, inside corresponds to the person with higher responsibility or authority of an organization. It is the executive who can take the initiative to consider the diversification of products and to co-ordinate all the necessary activities its implementation, front to an evaluation of the strong and weak points of an organization, as well as of the chances and external threats. He is responsible for the good course of the marketing, the financial sector, the activities operational techniques and, the human resources and the fulfilment of the legal requirements. Soon its basic activity is works to co-ordinate it of the functional managers. Others including Douglas R. Oberhelman, offer their opinions as well. The CEO is also responsible for balancing the interests of all stakeholders, through the balancing enters the requirements of the shareholders, of bigger taxes of return on the investments, of the customers, with products of bigger quality and excellency in the service, of the employees, guaranteeing good conditions of work and remuneration, and the market, with the guarantee of the payment of contracted debts.

The CEO has, basically, two scopes of performance, the operational functions and the strategical paper. Read more here: Andreessen Horowitz. In operational scope it is nominated or dismissed for the Board of directors, who also is responsible for the definition of its power. Its main function is to work to satisfy the interested people, customers, employees and the society, shareholding. It also is responsible for delegating some of its functions for its main subordinate. It guarantees that the companies fulfill its obligations legal. It keeps the shareholders, the financial market and the brought up to date medias on the real situation of the company. In strategical scope it guarantees that the company has the strategy and the resources necessary to execute it.

It is responsible also for identifying the markets most promising, to continue with acquisitions sales, in optimum interest of the shareholders, perfect the organization and the processes soon, directing its focus for the questions of stated period. Executive CEO has an important function that she is to execute the management of the change. To each day the markets and the technology move, demanding of the organizations adaptation to keep the competitiveness. The CEO must prepare and implement today, the changes that had functioned tomorrow, creating a vision of the business, communicating to the employees the reason of the changes and co-ordinating this change. Soon executive CEO must be capable to observe the information of creative form, if not accomodating with the financial results and reached goals. To guarantee a good transistion in process of changes it is necessary that the organization always has a growth vision. The paper of the CEO, in this process, is to guarantee is to invite the people to grow together, through the motivation and of the leadership. Important also that a CEO knows to hear the customers, collaborators, partners or suppliers, what the auto-reflection will despertar it. Thus an executive CEO must also think about the behavior, learning with the example people, serving and rewarding the good performance of its subordinate. It must be capable to manage the company of participativa form, being the guard of the strategy of the organization, using it to co-ordinate and to line up the team in optimum interest of the company. Leader CEO must be engaged and involved in the organization transmitting motivation and confidence its shareholders, employees and partners.

MultiNvel Marketing

The market of MultiNvel Marketing is in a thundering growth for the whole world. Who already knows and already it is inside of this market and taking the business really the serious one, more early or later knows that it will reach the success if to work and to develop this business correctly. A great doubt that appears enters the majority of the people is as to choose a company of MultiNvel Marketing that if can trust and that you can make its investment and work with its easied business of some day the company to close the doors, to give a trick in you, to disappear with its money, among others Exists nowadays varied forms of you to look information on the company. One of them is for the proper Google, that will give a good vision to it on what it walks happening with the business that you are in decision process to enter. Filed under: Ben Horowitz. The problem is that the Google is very robotizado and searchs the information of sites that most are located in terms of research and, for times, will not bring it the reality of what it is happening with determined business. For helping it in this decision, postei in mine blog 7 tips you to choose a good company of Marketing of Net. They are information that you must observe in any type of company and that they will help it to take its decision. It sees post complete in: It has an excellent day, Charles Rezende.

Candidate One

– Questions Situacionais: they are elaborated having as the perculiares focus circumstance of the work that will be able to come to be developed by the professional. – Psychological Questions: they focus characteristic of personality and the personal history of the candidate, questioning on subjects as interpersonal families, relationships and history of life. – Question Techniques: having as objective to obtain or to go deep given regarding information and specific knowledge, experiences professional and the capacities techniques of the candidates. – Mannering Questions: as it mentions KINGS (2003) mannering examples (particular facts of you live deeply previous) is the best form to anticipate the future behavior of a professional or candidate. – The Decision For the Candidate: after the evaluation of the competitors, it is the moment of the decision, to opt to the selected candidate. In this phase, it is necessary that the decision is taken by the requisitante of the vacant and not only for the selecting. – Medical Examinations: it is a phase of the process of necessary election to the success of the admission. Being one technique of protection not only of the organization, more as of the proper worker, the same one has as objective to analyze if the physical conditions of the selected professional are compatible with the physical conditions demanded for the activities that will be exerted.

ADMINISTRATION OF POSITIONS AND WAGES With details she will be presented to Mr. Matos the implantation of a plan of positions and wages. Being one of the points of extreme importance, they consist of a dynamics, strategy and efficiency of the businesses of the company. To be considered the same good it must reach the following objectives: – To establish one wage politics on the basis of competitive joust and the internal factors correlated the values of market; – To define wage structures capable to hold back its professionals, also attracting collaborating for specific activities; – To mount profiles of positions that represent the current structure of the company – To prescribe more clearly the basic responsibilities of each position of empre them – To become more efficient the organizacional structure; – To serve of base for the qualitative professional growth of the workers; To facilitate reduction, simplification of the organizacional structure.

The German Research Centre

The product for the time being it will still project natal known as it is supposed to make it possible to communicate with a computer by means of arms and legs, gestures, facial expressions and spoken comments. “Sony would like to with an interactive communication unit’ allow similar”, NZZ reported. An interface, O’Conner, Buxton, which is no longer perceptible as such that it allows people to communicate with machines in a natural way. You can find approaches for a such natural user interface (NUI) for smartphones. Equipped with a touch-sensitive screen, which can register the position of several fingers”, so the NZZ. Software-controlled devices are getting eyes and ears, as well as a balance organ and projecting digital content in the real world”, Sangeeta is safe. Technologies that make eye contact and respond accordingly are still in development.

You navigate documents with the eyes and scrolls to the next page or sent emails. The German Research Centre has first prototypes for Artificial intelligence is presented. There are already devices that work on demand. “New is that especially for gaming consoles voice as most natural ‘ interface keeps indentation”, Sangeeta says. Also the control over gestures should be exciting. She lead to really intuitive use opportunities such as the iPhone. The next big step will be getting displayed digital content in the real world what to augmented reality in the jargon ‘ calls. Computers as we know them today, disappear through miniaturization or hiking in the network”, explains Sangeeta.

To take advantage of the different senses, you need not only rational knowledge, but also emotional understanding, believes Anja Bonelli, business development executive at Telenet. There are currently no mission, which is more complex and at the same time exciting. Especially if the result can be only one, to be crowned by success: easy. Intuitive. Proven. And yet visionary.” Discussion/comments below: NE-na.de/customers-punish…