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Quite difficult to make a choice of many such things to each other. The more complex devices such as PBXs – to date market flooded nearly identical in its properties and functions of the device. So way is to rely primarily on what tasks you should perform the appropriate PBX. First, decide on a number of external lines will be connected to a PBX, as well as how many jobs will be equipped with telephones and fax machines. It is very important to represent and how to develop the telephone company's network in the future. It is necessary to choose a PBX that would "expand", but would not require replacement by a new model. For ATS is the definition of tasks to prepare in advance. At a minimum you need to know the number of jobs, the number of external lines and their type – analog, digital ISDN or E1-R2. For even more opinions, read materials from Howard Schultz.

Analog lines can be tone or pulse, and have action, that is to be equipped with the ARS – Automatic Route Selection. Also, the phone lines may be a different type of recruitment, different tariffs, and perhaps that day is better to use a single line, and in the evening – another. In this case, useful limited only to digital PBXs. Need to thoroughly determine all the parameters of a digital line, as not all digital PBX supports various types of alarm systems and interfaces. The next item – the definition of separate group of phones.

These include groups of consecutive poll, when the call comes first on one phone and if he is busy, goes to the other. Group general call, when they call all the phones. Groups automatic call distribution – in such a group calls are automatically distributed evenly among the operators. There are additional features of processing calls. Because direct access to the system allows to call a particular employee – the caller must dial tone after enter the extension number of the employee.

Electronic Delivery Allows Automation In The Goods Receipt

Fritz Gruppe automated with the SCM solution by EURO-LOG input goods for Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG Hallbergmoos-Munchen, 21 June 2012 as contract logistics the Fritz Gruppe the quality in the goods receipt at the Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG (Heidelberg) sustainably optimised. (As opposed to Howard Schultz). With a supply chain management solution from EURO-LOG, notified the Fritz Gruppe goods deliveries for Heidelberg and electronic delivery notes generated on basis of paper documents of suppliers. Deliveries can be associated in the goods on the basis of the notification now 100 percent. The complete mapping of the supplied goods requires providing the goods input data in advance in electronic form. Delivery note creation by clicking the delivery notes generated the Fritz forwarding using a software solution by EURO-LOG. The relevant orders from the SAP system from Heidelberg to play into the system of the Fritz group. The Fritz Gruppe must only the delivery note positions on the paper slips of suppliers via the Web-based software by EURO-LOG with the orders from Heidelberg to match. Fritz group employees can select the suppliers easily mouse click based on predetermined thing numbers keys from Heidelberg.

Based on this selection an electronic delivery note is produced within a very short time with little manual effort according to the requirements of Heidelberg. So the trucks in the goods receipt process was accelerated sustainable. The electronic delivery notification of deliveries for Heidelberg means complete transparency in the delivery of the goods. For the majority of the suppliers, the introduction of delivery according to the requirements of Heidelberg was not possible. So each delivery note looks different and contains a variety of information. We bring our goods thanks to the EURO-LOG SCM solution now with a high standard in the work”, so Thorsten belly, corporate commodity Manager logistics at the Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG. This is mainly because that the deliveries quickly and accurately can be issued by the Fritz Gruppe.

Oeconomicum Dusseldorf Building

Optimal conditions for the research and for the fire protection the new economists Faculty of the Heinrich-Heine-University of Dusseldorf the Oeconomicum is a no-compromise building. The consistently transparent architecture and the irresistibly beautiful form go hand in hand with the latest facilities of the structural fire protection. Here are optimal conditions for scientific research and for the safety of building occupants. Colt international developed a bespoke automatic smoke aprons plant for the curved shape of the building. In case of fire, smoke aprons provide safe escape routes in the Oeconomicum Dusseldorf in an elegant arc glass construction of the Oeconomicums to the Lake of the university places on the grounds of the Heinrich-Heine-University of Dusseldorf. The Oeconomicum was planned ingenhoven from the Dusseldorf Office of architecture architects on behalf of black-Schutte-promotion Foundation GmbH.

The two entrepreneurial families, black and Schwarz-Schutte donated a total of EUR 40 million, to enable this new building and at the same time, the establishment of a new Research Institute for the economics of competition. We have created optimal conditions with the Oeconomicum for innovative research”, Patrick Schwarz-Schutte proudly said at the opening. Moved into the glass building not only the new Dusseldorf Institute for competition economics”one, but the entire school of Economics of the Heinrich-Heine-University. For fire protection professionals, the curved floor plan as well as the openness of the transparent and flexible space structures estimated by planners, users, and guests alike presented a special challenge. Image source: H.G.

Esch, Hennef. / ingenhoven architects, Dusseldorf the three-storey building with its approx. 4,700 square meters floor space lives mainly by its sweeping arch form and the consistently transparent design. The spatial structures are open and flexible. This ensures transparency and communication, promotes synergies and inspires scientific work. The southern office space are completely open. The ground floor is connected to the two upper floors via a free stair.


Bank, insurance, public service or telecommunications provider: carrot village, the greater the amount of high-quality data, the greater will be the challenge for the testing process on schedule, reproducible and anonymized in the case of production data available to make 29 October 2013. Test management (TDM) are essential-tools. The platform Testtoolreview.de offers now an overview of the relevant tools. The test data includes the test case data, as well as the inventory and environmental data. Among other things test data management tools help to create, provide, maintain and update.

Tasks that were manually difficult or even cannot be solved, can be automated through these tools and greatly facilitate the work. Therefore they support both the tasks of test managers, as well as software testers, test designers and Testautomatisierern. But which tool is the most suitable for the respective TDM project? Testtoolreview.de has in the new Category test data management”brought together the relevant tools. Some of the tools are specialized on certain aspects, such as the data generation and alienation. Others, however, the so-called test management suites, have the right to cover the entire lifecycle of test data. Test tool review, you can clearly compare the TDM tools with a few clicks. Registered users can also comment on each of the tools to ask questions, discuss, and share their own experiences with the community. Manufacturers and distributors have the opportunity to enter your TDM tool on the website and then to manage the tool profile itself and to upgrade at any time.

All functions on the entire page for users as well as for tool manufacturers or distributors are completely free of charge. By the way: Also has all test tool review on the issues of test automation, test management, error – and change management, test specification, load and performance testing, continuous integration and code – and coverage analysis common tools listed. The new TDM category, it goes under de/toolkategorien/item/68-testdatenmanagement.

Home Automation Control

It is they who provide the best opportunities for lighting control. Automatic Control of Home Automation Control lighting can be implemented in two main ways. First – equipment of each room remote control with few buttons. Each is responsible for a specific lighting – chandeliers, a system of point lamps. As a result, light can be controlled directly from the sofa or chair. For example, deciding to devote the evenings, you can read a newspaper or book, using the bright light of chandeliers, and then switch to a sneak preview at darker lighting sconces. The second way – fully automated with the assistance of special sensors. Light activated as soon as the person enters the room and some time after its release off. The convenience of such Automation is felt from the very first time, especially if both hands are busy as ever, and in order to reach the switch, will require additional efforts. However, the switches for the automatic control is not CANCELED: if you want to turn off the lights, staying in the room, it's quite possible to do manually. Control the brightness of lighting is a system that gives the possibility to regulate the light output by adding or dec brightness. Convenient, if such actions can be carried out by remote control. However, this is not the only way. Brightness control can be rendered on a separate panel, and can become part of the program management lighting on a timer. Lighting Control Timer People living on the regime will certainly appreciate the possibility of programming time on and off the light, and automatically change the settings.

Tax Rates

The tax was higher enters the women of 60 years more or: 82.2%. The differences were still more expressive in the regional comparison: in the Southeast, 57.2% of the young women were inserted in informal works north-eastern arrived 90.5% (IBGE, 2010). How much to the instruction degree, in accordance with the data of the Research of Urban Informal Economy (IBGE, 2003), 39.03% of the people who work on account proper in the informal sector possuam Incomplete Basic Ensino and 18.78% possuam complete Average Ensino. But 2.72% possuam superior course, while 9.93% had declared not to have instruction or to have less of one year of study. The quantitative one of people without instruction degree was presented bigger enters the workers of the masculine sex. How much to the form of entrance in the informal business, 80.7% had declared to have entered in the business for personal relations.

In the groups of age, 69.23% of informal possua between 18 and 39 years of age. How much to the average income of the work in the sectors formal and informal the figure is presented below: Figure 3 & ndash; Average income of the formal and informal work in Brazil the graph brings in them that the income of the informal work is sufficiently inferior to the one of the formal work and that in both the cases the men most are remunerated in relation the women. Learn more about this with Caterpillar. 2.3. Formalizao business-oriented: social advantages and benefits When dealing with formalizao of entrepreneurs, are essential that the Complementary Law is cited n 128/2008 that created the figure of Microempreendedor Individual (MEI). Currently, in accordance with given of Agency SEBRAE of Notice published in August of 2011, they exist 1,5 million of individual entrepreneurs in the country. The formalizao is made to any time for the Internet. The CNPJ, the registration in the Commercial Meeting, the INSS and the Provisory License of Functioning are gotten immediately, generating an only document, that is the Certificate of the Condition of Microempreendedor Individual (CCMEI).