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Veladone Sales

Discounts, sales, promotions – is a special phenomenon, widespread in our country at the end of the twentieth century. Discount – is a favorite tool of modern marketing in a big competition because it makes it possible to ever raise the level of sales. But from the standpoint of psychology, a very common misuse of shares, sales and bonuses into a particular outlet may lead to the opposite effect. One of the the most famous experiments conducted with discounts at a university in the U.S. state of Ohio. The University has always been famous enough rich theatrical program, and students want to follow the pattern between perception of the performances the spectators who purchased tickets at a discount and free. Student audience was divided into three groups – one group tickets sold at full price, the second with a 30% discount, and the third – with a discount of 50%. This sale was, It seems that absolutely illogical result – liked best performances of the spectators, who bought the tickets at their full price.

Similar to the results of the experiment was conducted by Dan Ariely psychologist. Psychologist suggested that two groups of people exactly the same product – a simple vitamin C, but told them that it is – a special medicine called Veladone. He later connected the two groups of participants to stun and asked them to assess pain feelings before taking this drug, and after it. It is worth noting that in the description of 'miracle drugs' Veladone price for one group was three dollars, and for another – only a few cents. As expected, men whose vials 'worth' more, felt much less pain than the group members with 'a smaller budget', although the duration of exposure and the strength of the electric current in all cases were exactly the same. When a potential buyer sees a discount on any product in his head having dual feelings.

Hong Kong Entrepreneurship

A design that has its origin in Scandinavia, makes the Hong Kong based watch and accessories brand of VOID watches as a member of the growing culture of design of the metropolis. A design that has its origin in Scandinavia, makes the Hong Kong based watch and accessories brand of VOID watches as a member of the growing culture of design of the metropolis. Founded in 2008 VOID watches based on the European roots of their designer David Ericsson. I see as a native Swede us as a Hong Kong company, in Swedish”way is done. We benefit both by the European design tradition, as well as the close proximity to excellent production sites in southern of China and Japan,”explains David Ericsson. VOID be watches in in-house designed and produced mainly in mainland China.

Important components are Japan and the leather for the bracelets from Italy. The quality control is then done in Hong Kong. To combine all components show sometimes as a logistical challenge explains David Ericsson and added that the decision for Hong Kong had been planned in advance. He had already worked in Hong Kong, when it became clear to him that the metropolis offers the ideal environment for business creation. 2007, David Ericsson as a development manager for a Swedish company was moved to Hong Kong. With his passion for watches and the need to work independently, he eventually decided for the watch industry. What was intended at the beginning as a sideline to his design activities, has become its own brand, which has a loyal clientele of Hong Kong also. Together with his compatriot Alexis Holm, Ericsson operates a concept store for fashion, accessories, shoes and household goods, also Squarestreet. Their collaboration began in 2009, as both shared an Office for their respective projects VOID watches and gram footwear.

Mirablau Supports Entrepreneurs

Innovative approach for the company selling the Mirablau equity consultancy & Services GmbH supports family entrepreneurs in the sale of companies or a successor with a new innovative approach: the so-called complementary strategic sale of companies (also known as complementary strategic trade sale – CTS). Here it comes first and foremost, to bring themselves diverging objectives high purchase price and good prospects for the future for the operation in line. A negative connotation often adheres to the sale of companies. But the sale does not necessarily have the sellout”mean and threatening jobs and locations. Instead – and this is CTS – can connect to the correct”strategic partner open even more opportunities and potentials for the operation. An emotional endeavor is to regulate the succession. With our newly developed consulting approach, which support CTS, we in the family business, his life’s work to a successful conclusion to bring and new perspectives for family and operating at create “, as Jurgen Rilling, Managing Director of the Mira Blau.” The focus of consulting is the Intelligent selection of strategic buyers.

Goal is to identify those prospective buyers for the company, and to win, which assign less synergistic value but in particular complementary added value to an acquisition of the company. The Mirablau: the Mirablau equity & Services GmbH is an entrepreneurial consultancy based in Munich and part of the Mira blue group. Mirablau is advising medium-sized entrepreneurs in strategic issues. A focus is the field of succession / M & A. As a result of the own entrepreneurial experience background Mirablau has unique expertise and provides advice to entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs. We’re even contractors who have sold the family farm with, acquired companies and operating companies.