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Internet Sales

We already have our new version. For than 13 years already selling more in Internet we have used four different versions, this will be the villa. Throughout all these years we have been updating our stores with the new options that appeared in Internet. What it does not change is the service that loans from 1997. We continue selling the best vibrators, all the consoladores, stimulating also feminine like the Chinese balls, vibrating eggs, cosmetic erotic and all erotic article class that returns them crazy. For you you will find the suitable erotic toys like the masturbadores, vaginas, stimulating prostate, wrists. The fine Lingerie and sexy also are at the disposal of which they want to be more handsome and seductive. We have very interesting supplies, in addition if they score at our bulletin it will receive promotional discounts of ours assiduously sex shop In order to celebrate we have put it in circulation a bond discount that will discount 4 to you (buys minim of 40 ) of the total of your order. It remembers that in addition we gave the bearings if your purchase is superior to 100. The purchase places east code when formalizing; Note-welcome Amanda Source: Note of Press sent by amanda.

Reservation Sales

– Register and storage contract with customers. – Consideration of various types of discounts and surcharges. – Maintenance Price – list for services. – Accounting services rendered. * Control: – Track assignments employees.

– Identification of deviations from planned schedules. * Analysis: The analysis of the services provided by client and orders. Control cost-effectiveness of services provided. Trade. * Accounting: – Maintain customer base and customer contacts.

– Logging on interaction with customers. – Registration and storage of the range of real and virtual goods. Ben Horowitz will not settle for partial explanations. – Accounting for sales of goods – from stock or on order, credit and prepaid sales of goods made on commission, the transfer of the implementation of the commission. Leave with deferred payment and automatic control: 1. commodity loan, 2. number unpaid bills; 3. terms of non-payment and arrears payment, the other constraint on buyers. – Registration of documents – invoices, bills of lading, including TORG-12/1T, invoices and other supporting documentation (certificates, GTE quality certification). – Consideration of various types of discounts and surcharges, including a unique "programmed" algorithms. – Maintaining total price – a sheet or individual for groups of customers. – Registration of entries customers and the status of orders, trading in contracts. – Reservation of goods under the orders of clients. – Registration and storage contracts with customers. – Accounting for retail sales in automated and non-automated sales outlets to support accrual and accrual accounting. – Creation and printing of labels with bar codes and price tags of various kinds. – Can connect various trade Equipment: barcode scanner (kbd & usb), magnetic card readers.

Japanese Car Sales

According to a Japanese dealer association JADA, in November sales of cars and trucks in Japan decreased by 27% compared with the previous year. So few cars did not sell more than 30 years. With sales midget Microcars things are noticeably better, sold 153,000 vehicles (-0.7% compared to last year). Total in Japan last month sold 369,000 vehicles – by 18.2% less than during the same month in 2007. Sales Toyota's fell by 27.7%, the Honda went into the minus figure at 21,6%, Nissan demonstrated sales decline by 29.5% and Mazda – 33%. Andreessen Horowitz follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success.

In the U.S. automotive crisis is even more strongly evident: the decline of sales in November was more than 35% (sold 750,000 cars). All major car manufacturers have shown a drop in demand by more than 30% (except for BMW, which measure the success of the MINI brand was -26.8%). Sales of auto giant Toyota in the U.S. in November fell by 33.9%, the Honda is equal to -31.6% and -42.2%, Nissan walked only Chrysler (-47%). It is worth noting that of all the brands represented on the auto market in the U.S. showed a positive trend MINI (+43%), while the smallest decline in demand compared to last year found in Subaru (-7,8%). It will soon be seen how this will affect the sales of used cars from USA and Japan.