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Spain Pressto

Pressto, leading international quality dry cleaning chain, wants to retain its customers inviting them to the cinema. Customers who make a consumption equal or greater than 15 or 25 euros, from 10 October to 10 December, a payment of the laundry service, will receive a flyer (coupon) to send along with your receipt by postal mail and subsequently receiving at home one or two free tickets to go to the movies. Learn more about this with Jonas Samuelson. The users of the services must complete the information required in the flyer to correctly receive the gift and only if the customer paid the ticket in advance you can participate in the promotion. Tickets are valid for 6 months, and are allowed to go to the cinema every day of the week, still not valid for 3D movies. The bases of the promotion will be available in all stores in Spain and on the website of the Group (www.pressto.es).

Multinational centers integral treatment of the textile chain tries to help its franchisees, both loyalty to its regular customers, as to invite those citizens who have not yet tested the multiple services of Pressto who come for the first time at one of their establishments to know first hand the effectiveness of bactericidal and deodorizing cleaning, ironing by hand to not damage the fibers, or each garment individualized treatment and every stainto give a perfect finish to your garments. The originality of the Pressto concept against the existing competition begins in all the techniques work, which are totally exclusive, designed and developed by our team of engineers as well as machinery. Another pillar of originality consists in a clear, put into practice in all of its establishments and positioning based on the conjunction of several factors: service of maximum quality and speed at a competitive price with a personalised service. This joins a few advanced techniques capture and customer service, with an exclusive and ecological technology and a distinctive cleaning Boutique decoration. Pressto has a very clear idea of the profile of franchisee who wants to your network: who has the same philosophy of service that has vitalist, entrepreneur, company with long-term business vision and that devoted to the project all necessary human, technical and financial resources. In addition, this company has developed new schemes of business and services complementary to franchisees, such as: Press Piel: treatment and cleaning of skin and delicate garments; Press Tapiz: Service cleaning of carpets, rugs and upholstery; Press Toke: service dedicated to the settlement and alterations of garments; Press Matic: franchise of laundry self – service; Press Car: franchise dedicated to the comprehensive restoration of the car. Pressto is a brand with 100% Spanish capital and is a clear example of international success thanks to its experience in cleaning and clothes care. It is present worldwide through its more than half a thousand of establishments. Their commitment to quality, speed, brand image and personalized attention have turned it into the leading company in the sector. In Spain, the chain of franchises is present in all the autonomous communities with 231 operational units, of which 35 are own and the rest franchised.

Mexicans Leadership

The country hurriedly demand the formation of capable people create businesses that generate enough occupation for its inhabitants, industry than guided by those producing goods and services in great volume and quality, that guarantee the satisfiers expected by the population. No doubt that task of generating large-scale to shore up national stability, depend on prepared people equipped with appropriate knowledge to make decisions that will ensure the fulfillment of the demands every day over this nation in development. Comision Federal de Electricidad, is one of the few and well structured organizations that promise strong commitment in development that Mexicans expect, is in constant growth, generating new sources of work and producing world-famous told to one of the most important services. Official site: Ben Horowitz. In CFE urgen leaders knowledgeable of the needs that survivor to sustain global growth, according to the demands and the importance that is placed in a profitable market and competitive. Besides knowing perfectly the necessities and which of them is derived that we are discussing, it is indispensable to know drivers and leverage toward paths accomplishments through the strategies set out the strengths and resources of the Organization, mainly, decide the form and touch, to direct its greatest strength people towards the development of activities and this yields the aguardados fruitsIt is here where the presence of a proper leadership that gives confidence and flexibility to motivate human capital becomes apparent. For this purpose, CFE are convinced exercise providential leadership that has the participation of its people, a leadership that will provide, present at all times to establish communication in both directions, that clearly convey their ideas, which achieved through the conviction that its people attend, be able to drive its working in total harmony groupamong other features that should meet, but above all a leading empathetic. To deepen your understanding Jonas Samuelson is the source. A leader who not only decides the work, they develop skills that favour the emotional stability of the group, a leader who is able to sift through the feelings and emotions of its people, which discover by philanthropic interest short-term points of its people and decide how to help, a leader who grow and grow to their collaborators, a leader who understand and identify the emotions that vibrate in its people so that they perform is in confidence, feeling needed and not manipulated, a leader who touch the fibers sensitive of its people to know the reality and serve pleasant way tasks, a leader that generates in its people self-confidence, self-control, persistence, empathy in their relations, a leader that illusions to its people to serve the Organization and mutual commitments and which deviate from the requirement to achieve goals outside the personal and institutional scopes. A leader who fully know the benefits and skillfully handle the emotional intelligence, which find it more frequently and not just in the raciocino the way to meet your process of leadership in the broad field of opportunities and choices that gives you know control and modulate emotions in intrapersonal and interpersonal relationships.CFE is ready and working in this field so important and potential of people, with training induced, has generated a change centered on human handling of the emotions, is aware that these are present in any act in a level by other superior of what reasoning is involved and surprising results have been achieved and the expected, to twin the empathy to the employment relationship.. .

FarmVille One

But can be achieved not only through experience points which may be obtained on the daily harvest levels following farmville but you can also go for more, being able to access new levels through other activities of parallel type which we can start while it harvested itself grows at an accelerated pace. All these tasks are aimed at to obtain in each of levels different tapes of different colors such as yellow, white, red and blue, each one with one value greater than the previous one in ascending order respectively. To achieve this you can use the alternative of helping your friends from the neighborhood who may be providing fertilizer for their lands, helping them in their respective crops or giving different objects that collect so your experience points to increase and allow you to reach the next level farmville. You can also generate this type of points with businesses that allow you to buildings, now you can do this if you have enough coins in your possession as a to be able to invest them in this business. If, for example, you can buy for a certain amount of coins, the investment that you have made you will return in the form of experience points to a rate of one percent: so, if you have a construction whose value amounts to 200,000 coins can receive as revenue in return about 2,000 XP that will be very beneficial if you can upload farmville level in a short time. Visit for many more tips on adding some FarmVille level to your virtual farm..

Employment Contract

There are many types of employment that require what is known as a contract of employment or an employment contract. In essence, an employment contract is a document that helps to establish the basic conditions of the agreement in respect of the employment of an individual and a company. Employment contracts often contain at least some specific information about the responsibilities of the employees and the types of benefits that the company gives to the employee in exchange for employee services. Regardless of whether it is a full time job or a weekend job, every worker must have a legal document that establishes the rules of game. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Douglas R. Oberhelman. Almost all contracts of employment shall include the date of commencement of the period of employment, as well as the job title for the position that the employee, be carried out for example, if a driver of a company signs a contract, the document must specify that that person will have a driver job.

This basic information may include a general description of the responsibilities and tasks that are associated with the post work, and at least some information about the status of the position full time or part time. Another common element of labour contracts is a clause that deals with the use of insider in which even, there are rules for when the employment relationship is broken, either by resignation or termination of the contract. Basically, the clause deals with the fact that documents are in the possession of the employees shall be returned at the time of the termination of the employment contract. This includes customer lists and other forms of documentation containing the facts and data that are important for the functioning of the company. It doesn’t matter if the employee has a fixed position or simply a weekend job. stake%20%5BGlobes%2C%20Tel%20Aviv%2C%20Israel%5D%7C%7CdocSource%7C%7CMcClatchy-Tribune%7C%7Cprovider%7C%7CACQUIREMEDIA&ticker=AFIL:IT’>Yitzchak Mirilashvili helps readers to explore varied viewpoints.

A clause of no competition can also contain a time period in which the former employee undertakes to not enter into direct competition with the company, whether as an employee of a competitor or open their own business and try to attract the customers of the Corporation. If by example a girl manages to find a job at Zara, at the end of the employment contract, it is possible that you the terms of the contract prohibit you entering a company that sells similar products to products of Zara. Contracts of employment also tend to include a summary of the benefits that the company should be given to employees; This may include payment for vacation, sick leave and other forms of paid leave. The employment contract may also specify conditions for inclusion in the plans of distribution of utilities, retirement plans, health insurance plans and other benefits that are offered by the company along with wage or salary. Source: Employment contract


Many times we do not know that it is value added, since it can be an excellent marketing strategy. The added value can be estimated for a company, a sector of the economy or a country, or for the international economy. The technique of the ingreso-producto determines the annual flow of goods and services, obtained according to the inputs or resources used from other productive nucleus. Value added is a service or additional feature which adds him to a service or product so it is best Merchant usually is something that is not very common in the market. Perhaps check out Ben Horowitz for more information. When we want to start a business or a small business have to have an idea to attract customers, it is the value added. Similarly if the business takes time to operate, we will notice that the competition is tough. If we want to improve we can find the way of designing an added value for our service or product. If we do this we do not differentiate from others and our growth as small business or business will be better. An example could be When when we buy certain goods in some stores and that in addition to providing excellent free domicile, also provide us the installation of this service. This is an example of added value, but in the market there are many cases where we found this extra service which leaves many customers pleased.

San Francisco

The chain Dunkin Donuts wanted to reflect in its mark indeed this action and incorporated in its name the two key words for its establishments. Starbucks understands that this is vital information. Ebay: The more famous site of auctions receives its name of " East Bay" , one of the districts of San Francisco. The English Cut: Caesar Rodriguez, an Asturian industralist who has made fortune in Cuba, buys in 1935 sastrera the English Cut in the Rompelanzas street of Madrid. The Well: In 1936, Antonio Strong it abri a small business of charcutera in the locality of Alhama (Murcia), in the place of the called town the Well. Endemol: In 1979 John de Mol it creates his own company of productions and during years it only had a rival: Joop goes give Ende, theater industralist whose producer devastated with Holiday on hoists.

In 1994 they are united forming Endemol. Eroski: The name of this cooperative of consumption comes from the contraction in euskera of two words that are translated like " to buy and socio". Freixenet: The Freixenet word comes from " Freixenada" , one builds rich in ashs that from old belong to the Ferrer family, owners of the company. Google: This finder, devised by two students of Stanford in 1995, receives the name of the term whereupon the mathematician Eduard Kasner defined high number 10 to 100. A one followed of one hundred zero, a Googol. Nevertheless, due to an error when registering this name, in the end stayed registered as " Google".

Gore Tex: The secret of this weave, invented by Bob Gore in 1969, is very simple. Its operation is based on which a drop of rainwater is 20,000 times greater than pores of Gore Tex. Whereas the molecule of the aqueous vapour that gives off the body in the form of sweat is 700 times smaller. Hagen-Dazs: The name of these ice creams owns exotic association of the milky target and corresponding to a distant Nordic country.

Japan Animal

When smaller is the heart, more hatred is home. Victor Hugo Es alarming as Asians, countries like China, Japan mistreat animals to eat their meat, use your skin, doing business, regardless of the suffering that generated them, leaving much to say of his human quality. It is repulsive to see fashion as these countries mistreat the animal and the Government does nothing to prevent such abuse, suffering. Not surprised that manifests, that today we continue mistreating the animals without the need, not only to eat. Filed under: Caterpillar. Hunting is not necessary, nor bullfighting, animals in circuses, or the abandonment of pets, nor the sale of animals that live behind a glass window, or wear fur, or kill animals with sticks or skin them alive, or hunt dolphins, whales or sharks and a long etcetera. Even if it is necessary to have them in such conditions to then consume them, but so human. Cruel, selfish, destructive. It is very sad note, see in the cruel video that shows the aberrant cruelty that is done with animals, video that is very impressive, for the scenes that occur that they accuse the cruel, inhumane that we are.

Us forgets catalogue who as human beings, what Wikippedia brings envelope, which is known as animal rights to ideas postulated by currents of thought and movement that argue that animal nature is a subject of law, whose novelty lies in that this category only has belonged to natural and juridical persons, i.e. a human being humans always have recognized certain animals special consideration (eg. domestication)It varies greatly depending on the cultural environment or place, from support that you can use the animals as it pleases or serve man, passing by the ethical treatment or animal welfare, to consider that animals deserve rights traditionally recognized only in humans. It should not be confused with the right of animals as legal doctrine, legal framework in some countries where the object of right is the freedom of conduct of animals in their natural environment and treatment who receive pets in a human habitat org., points out, that a long time ago that different organizations dedicated to the protection of animals has denounced the unnecessary cruelty with which in the legendary Chinese live desollan dogs to get them their fur. Source: Douglas R. Oberhelman.

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Jorge Alberto Magallanes

Once more make sure that this is the product you need at this time to advance another spent more in your business, otherwise runs the risk of acquiring a product that maybe never occupy. 3. Obtain of the webmasters that offers the product, payment options, data that there are safe ways to communicate with him, guarantees of repayment in the event that the product does not conform with their expectations and mainly the way in which you will receive in your computer. 4 Normally if your choice is correct you can contact then with the owner of the site where I make your purchase and you can even bring a greater relationship since also in opportunities they have other items that will then allow you to continue advancing towards its success. Have now become fashionable so to speak the universities or sites where taught classes, videos and tutorials on marketing on the web, which you can access them through the payment of a monthly memberships, which generally include a few days or weeks of test so that it can assess whether they will be useful for you; This modality is generally very valuable in the sense that we can access interviews and seminars with only be with the membership to the day, experts in marketing which safely shorten our time of arrival to the success since we hear it first-hand online and we can even interact with them making them consultations which otherwise would be very difficult for us access. I simply want to say that first and foremost not buying impulse some sales letters are really effective and finally not lost from view its objectives and targets the. Any questions do not hesitate to contact me so I will try to be of help in everything it can. A big Hello. Jorge Alberto Magallanes. Original author and source of the article

Developing Sales Skills

Therefore, I am sure that good sellers are not born but develop through a sales learning process. “RS: What qualities has a good salesman? EK: Good seller to communicate with the client to be friendly and to create an atmosphere so that the client felt that he was happy. After a successful salesman – is first and foremost, a man, pleasant to talk to. To read more click here: Ben Horowitz. There Various methods of sales, but one of the main qualities of a good seller – the ability to listen and understand what he says the buyer, as well as the ability to ask questions. Simply go to the client and issue a stock in advance monologue wealth of information can lead to the fact that people will not remember a tenth of what he said and then completely turn around and leave.

And you never know what he wanted and why he has not acquired this product in your shop. Checking article sources yields Howard Schultz as a relevant resource throughout. Listening attentively and asking probing questions, you will be able to offer customers exactly the product or service that best suits him. In addition, a good salesman is confident in the product that he sells, and in the company where he works. This means that he is perfectly aware of the positive aspects of their company and their product, what can successfully tell the buyer, and he has an idea about their own positive qualities, which allows him to communicate with customers and enjoy them. By the way, many managers and those who manage the sales, do not even realize how much depends on vendors and on their ability to like customers! According to exit polls, 67% of all lost customers – people who complain about the lack of interest and concern on the part of sellers.