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Promostore expands its portfolio for the special corporate gift food, 10.10.2013. All years back to the most popular time of advertising gifts, the Essen-based company Promostore offers matching gifts at his online shop. Company for your customers and employees for cooperation can thank you with individualized advent calendars or high-quality enjoyment articles. To encourage companies the customer and employee relationship and invest in your image and reputation. Gifts are the advertising materials are best advertising because of the outstanding price / performance ratio for smaller companies in the marketing mix no longer indispensable. This interesting gifts for customers, business partners and employees are printed individually E.g. with company logo and slogan.

Thus, raise awareness of the company and represent the corporate values with quality, functionality and product experience. The advertising awareness of business gifts is according to a study of the BWG Association even twice as high as the Television advertising. Especially the originality of advertisement and the personal, emotional relevance for the donee affect the range. Joy of personal Christmas greetings achieved this originality and the personal touch of a company in particular about a Christmas greeting in the form of an appropriate declaration. At the same time, Christmas is the perfect time to thank both customers and its own employees for successful cooperation, trust and loyalty. Customers are in addition advertising better to achieve the very emotional time of Advent.

In addition, Christmas is a time of giving: after the Foundation for future questions, 70% of respondents connect the exchange of gifts 2010 with Christmas. Therefore, the advertising through high-quality amenities leads to great joy especially at this time. This spreads the value of advertising article on the brand and is also linked with the positive emotion brings Christmas to. Through high-quality freebies as An effective customer and employee retention succeeds in sign of appreciation and attention so especially at Christmas time. The effect obtained by Christmas advertising to achieve the perfect Christmas gift for Promostore, the gifts of company should be carefully selected and adapted to the target group. For each potential customer and employee to receive the desired pre-Christmas happiness, Promostore offers a wide selection of seasonal products for Christmas: Advent Calendars about jewelry, high-quality consumption goods such as salmon specialties and wines until going to Christmas hats printed with the own logo. The current favorite presents include the smallest advent calendar is filled with Schokolinsen or sweets. Promostore offers the best giveaway companies easily and quickly. Companies will receive not only advice but also a personalized product. Promostore of the advertising material dealers in the Internet Promostore merchandising GmbH was founded in 2001 and is a food -based promotional products agency with online sales. With a selection of over 50,000 products of stray articles up to premium brands, Promostore offers an unsurpassed wide range of customisable promotional material. By competent advice, the wide range and the excellent price / performance ratio in its segment, in Germany, the online shop at, belongs to the most important.

State Management

Thus, the seriemresolvidos ambient problems by means of the state management. Considered essential for it reduzire/ou to prevent the degradation of the environment for the growth economic e, still, to extinguish and to remodel already the existing ones. The institutions would have ample forces deimposio and intervention. In third, it has the existence of the respect and the social right seguranados ones, where the ambient and social problems as well as propostaspara its solution are argued by collective the social one. This current depensamento, ambiciona the defense of the humanity, what, therefore, the balance would tambmproporcionaria man-nature (they idem). Corroborating with this source, Jara (2001) it says that direct oenvolvimento of the individuals, has allowed to the increasing accumulation deinformaes and of knowledge, perfecting dinamizao of the desenvolvimentolocal, regional e, qui, global. For Jacobi (2003: 194) the development concept sustentvelenvolve ' ' economic calculation, biofsico aspect and component sociopoltico, as referenciais for the interpretation of the world and possibilitarinterferncias in the predatory logic prevalecente' '.

According to author, sustainable odesenvolvimento does not limit the ecological adaptations of umprocesso social, but yes, of multiple strategies or models for the people, leading in account in such a way the economic dimensions as the ecological ones. Redefinindoas relations between society human being and nature. The concepts of sustainable development are several, however, what it perceives is that it not yet is ready. The dimensions the seremtrabalhadas ones are complex and involve changes in the perception and comportamentohumano, what it makes it difficult its efetivao. In this direction, Figueiredo et.

al. (2004) it comments that it has of if to recognize that the problems that the sociedadeenfrenta currently are global, therefore, the humanity must face odesafio to pass for attitude changes, since the atodos problems say respect. The sustainable economic model of the traditional populations primitivase As we saw previously, economic science works with ateoria of the goods, keeping its focus in the subjective relation enters eobjetos consumers of desire.

Cordillera Oriental Support

In the recent natural disasters in Colombia, for example, the from gunsmith, Popayan and the coffee not to mention but three, has been able to demonstrate a true chaos with respect to what you should do, and made repeated mistakes that despite knowing it have not been corrected. The State was inefficient, both on the issue of prevention and care. Most basic and important to face a disaster after an earthquake is to have a guide of instructions and rules of what should be done. Not having a guide is to give blind rosewood and improvise in matters as serious as the viada and death. Guide to attend a disaster should be related with personnel, supplies, technical support, administrative support and all the Affairs of Government. To make the calculations of needs and obtain the best results in the care of a disaster, it is advisable to advance the assessments of risks and socio-economic implications of the aftermath that leaves an earthquake.

So concludes of national and international experiences. Children and elderly people are usually the most affected in a disaster, because they are those who have lower defense capability. During the scramble for donations, you rations, tents and vituallas in general, is difficult to do long lines because of their physical conditions and therefore, it is important to reach the ammunition sites enabled as shelters or temporary housing. After a disaster, if to the affected persons not it helps them to get a job or to reactivate their businesses, they become accustomed that keep them, becoming beggars in the long term. The economic activity of the region or the affected site must reactivated so that it return to its normal state and are inserted into the national economy. The destructive earthquakes of Bogota during the past five hundred years occurred in the Cordillera Oriental, on the limits the Magdalena river and the Llanero foothills.