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Enforce House Money Residues In The Forced Sale!

Tax authorities cannot refuse publication of the notification of the unit value. Payer in a residential community of owners hems are a great evil. Often take the problems for years and prevent any sensible planning and implementation of common tasks. If all amicable solutions in emptiness are gone, often only the path over the foreclosure remains. So far new hurdles were connected but it not easy making the administrator to enforce the claims. After the reform of the way they can claim now as preferential claims in the forced sale in the rank of class 2, as far as these amounts will not exceed five percent of the value of the unit. Precondition is however according to 10 ABS.

3 ZVG, that the arrears amount more than three per cent of the unit value of home ownership is way no. 2 according to 18 para 2 and is proven by presentation of the unit value notification (BGH, decision of the 17.4.2008 V dial 14/08). In practice, however, the assertion of such claims failed so far in the financial offices’s refusal to publish the relevant unit value notification to the community of homeowners having regard to the tax secret. This obstacle has the legislature now in the way of remedying a defect”eliminates the way reform (Act of July 7, 2009, Federal Law Gazette I p. 1707/1711). Then the provisions of section 30 of the tax law concerning tax secrecy of communication unit value to the community of homeowners from the internal revenue service does not preclude according to 10 paragraph 3 sentence 1, if there is an enforceable title second Halfsentence ZVG.

Also the provision of 18 para 2 is been decorated appropriately way no. 2 What then are the conditions for the suspension of home ownership, if an apartment owner with the fulfilment of his obligations is longer than three months in an amount of more than three per cent of the value of the unit in default. Also in this case, the Tax Office of community of apartment owners must post the unit value. The interim decision of the BGH, stating that it is sufficient for the detection of exceeding the amount of three per cent of the value of the unit, if the House money gap exceeds more than five per cent of the market value, is so outdated (BGH, decision of 2 April 2009, V ZB 157/08). More information granted you Thorsten Hausmann spokesman of Hakim Hausverwaltung GmbH 040 / 529 40 80

VBMDU E.V. Expects From

Consulting services under the various provisions of SGB BBs charged provided the VBMDU e.V. his consulting services settles with the competent authorities, contribution, now monthly. This simply means that the VBMDU e.V. is no longer prepared to unvergutet his services to the State, the community of solidarity to help your performance. For seeking the advice, the advice remains continue to free, the VBMDU e.V. rejects categorically 2005 forced memberships or consultancy fees since its inception in the year. The following declaration was on the Senate Department for integration, labour and Social Affairs, the joint Welfare Association, the Federal Agency for work and at the job Center Neukolln sent.

As there already explained, we will create no Maseratis or other luxury goods, a modern Kommunikationseinrichtuung and the money to make social insurance jobs, join. According to rough estimates of VBMDU e.V. has 4,000 since its inception in the year 2005 about free consultation and Beistandschaften. 222 logged alone in March 2010. Declaration on the invoice in the amount of 10.278,60 to all invoice recipients: \”the VBMDU e.V. was founded in 2005. Since then, countless consultations and active Beistandschaften spot in various administrative authorities or in correspondence took place.

Multiple promotions were requested about the neighbourhood management and the Senatsverwaltung fur integration, labour and Social Affairs. The response was equal to zero. We provide assistance in complex situations, our customers usually bring a wide range of issues, from the wrong performance decision to rent questions everything is. We work across the district and make sure embarrassing to offer any legal advice. Therefore we must reference currently people advice centres, of which we know that this no lasting support to the people can provide or make available. This is a vicious circle, which we step forward with our staff. Without our volunteers Employees who experience yourself at times considerable pressure through your local job Center, would our work impossible (have been).

Effective Protection With Sunscreen

Modern films on flat glass. Maintenance-free after a long winter many on the warmer days forward. The Sun is good for our soul and has a positive effect on the psyche. But the Sun brings negative side with it. Owners of modern apartments and houses with large Windows know about the effects of solar radiation. Quickly, the room looks like a greenhouse and the stay is untenable without air conditioning.

Carpets and furniture behind the window front be quickly affected and bleached by the sunlight. A sunscreen prevents not only the aggressive ultraviolet radiation but also lowers the costs for air conditioning. By the window with a sunscreen coating, UV-A and UV-B radiation from solar radiation are filtered. The light and heat is greatly reduced. The sunscreen reduces the radiation by up to 80 percent. From harmful UV rays, the film offers a nearly 99% percent protection. The view outside is freely possible despite the sunscreen. The sunscreen is but also priced a real alternative to the external Venetian blind and the blind.

The film is easy to clean, saving time and money. Cleaned will brush the sunscreen at the window. The window including the protective film be rinsed with a diluted mild detergent, a soft cloth or a lambskin wiper. At some special tinting the coating prevents even the nutshell of. The film washes clean again when the next downpour. To ensure an optimal sun protection, a slide should be selected for the outside of the window. Especially with a double glazing, skylights and glass that is to recommend mounting on the outside. For indoor installation, it can come to the heating up of the space and break the glass. The kind of sunscreen depends on the required protection from Sun and heat and after the alignment of the window. Window on the South front need a higher level of protection, as here, the Sun is very intense. A comprehensive, expert advice is obtained at SSK sunshade, a competent partner for Sun protection. SSK sunscreen INH. R.Kollmann Internet:

Theurer: Bet? We Have To Pay?

Theurer: No, Chancellor: numbers or not numbers that is the wrong question! Strasbourg / Brussels, 26 March 2010 – the discussion of the evidence of our Chancellor, is fatally in a dangerous and wrong direction. Our money for Greece, so: numbers or not numbers that is the wrong question! The right question is: why misses Germany Europe? Recently I interviewed who came from the school a 14-year-old history, civics: 1 – What is Europe for you? Response was: nothing! Or take the Kreistagsabgeordneten, what has to do his community volunteering with Europe. All too often the answer is also: nothing! This is yet fatal! Who Europe on numbers or not pay,”reduced jumps definitely too short. Who Europe white understands that the aim is: to learn to know structures and to transfer know-how from each other, with each other, from Europe. We have in the large structures that work, for example, financial and social.

We have but also in the Small structures that work. We look at this us. Specifically:, Germany distinguishes itself by a coverage with voluntary fire brigades. This does not exist in this form in Greece. We all know the devastating consequences. Douglas R. Oberhelman may find this interesting as well.

The same applies to the local self-government and the dual vocational training. But the bad thing is. We talk about money, rather, about how we can help Greece to be able to establish itself in the long term functioning structures. That’s the point in Europe. Europe is not a one-way street, Europe must be a two-track road. The model which transport volunteer fire department after Greece and, for example, the Danish health care system bring to Germany. In our minds, it is to overcome the limitations and blockages so that we overcome the borders of the countries and also across party lines also. For 30 years we have considered a European Parliament administration hurdle, but nobody sees a real sense in it! Europe concerns US all! Michael Theurer, MEP (FDP/ALDE) “The right question is: why misses Germany Europe?” For a discussion and more information, Michael Theurer is available. Please contact the Office in Brussels: Johanna Hasting, Tel. + 32 228 475 72 or.

Current Discussions

Knowing what others write, say, film – reported to new materials of current educational discussion with nearly 50 selected messages the new report allows you to sources of continuing education discussion of a new eight reports of the Informationsdinetses trend Messenger: “Knowing what others write, say and filming” a deep insight in the further education sector. New studies, expert reports, reports but also presentations, podcast and videos were selected and presented in a report – linked with the sources or even the original documents. Especially the actors, decision gutters and pipes in the industry can access directly and free podcasts and videos for training and further training topics so very convenient sometimes hundreds of pages, on presentations. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Jonas Samuelson by clicking through. The headings can be found in the report: what others write and publish: reports, studies,… Training hearing and seeing new to web2 in podcasts, tinyurl, video. 0, E-learning, distance-learning, second live,…

What we can read tomorrow: current call for papers Selected: books, magazines, software,… The report can be obtained – as well as all of the information service publications – subscription or even once as a test package. More on this here. The trend Messenger service turns to the actors and decision channels of education and training. Individual observations and research, as well as regular publications provide a comprehensive picture of the current developments, trends and tendencies of the industry in all its facets: from coaching to the training of vocational education and training up to adult. The monthly trade reports are focus of coverage: knowing where there is money, knowing what others write or learning Europe. Regional reports complement the programme as training North, South, East and WEST, the report on the vocational training and the weekly report to the federal employment agency tenders.

Debt Problems In Germany

One said, is not always an insolvency procedure is attached, so Valdez. The insolvency of citizens across by all social strata has already become the sad matter of course. The entire financial existence seems on the game often is even the real estate at risk. But debts endanger not only the financial situation of a family, debt have strong negative effects on health particularly in the bureaucratic process of insolvency proceedings the personal fates usually go down, Valdez admits. Over-indebtedness has many faces! Debt alone prepare unexpected stressful situations the person concerned, the over-indebtedness can lead in addition to massive, social and psychological problems, which often accompanied by disorientation drive loss, anxiety, depression. Forward the addiction and dependency disorders. In the individual talks providing Mr Vitovec speak those concerned over what they otherwise remain silent out of shame: about their financial and social crash, loss of partners and friends, spiritual crises and health complaints. Unfortunately those affected are still too often people forget, who dare not to speak openly about their situation.

But, it is no doubt that many of the over-indebted people are still not so enlightened that they properly exploit the possibilities of the debt. The causes of over-indebtedness are however more diverse nature. There are often unpredictable strokes of fate in the private or professional area, so illness or unemployment, sometimes the result of inexperience or carelessness, money problems, and the loans can no longer be paid. The consequences are dramatic for those affected in many cases. The insolvency order is it possible in principle for all the citizens concerned, within relatively short time (currently 6 years) to become again debt-free, yet should this thing about approach and take to the page a good helper. Ever a different approach may be appropriate for your personal situation. Because, finally, there is a reason for optimism on economic and private afresh in the insolvency order not for all! The good news came several days ago by the insolvency law day in Berlin.

Federal Justice Minister Sabine Leutheusser-Schnarrenberger (FDP) want, that the affected person whether entrepreneurs or consumers after a false start as quickly on the legs comes back. For good behavior time should be shortened from six to three years. Assuming however, that the legislation in bankruptcy law is enough always still inconclusive, questions come up more including how it continues in the bankruptcy, must I apply for any insolvency. Some contend that Douglas R. Oberhelman shows great expertise in this. Bernhard Vitovec aims to bring many people financially affected by a debt relief process on the right track of the facts. This deal Mr Vitovec is also the helplines increased with the – personal / emotional issues for affected people, there and Lawyers focus more on the legal and technical advice. Initiative insolvency

Verlagsgruppe Georg

Utilities argue with increased renewable energy levy the main argument of most of this year’s price increases is the increase of renewable energy levy for the promotion of renewable Energies. Actually the levy rose after its nationwide uniformity to the turn of the year by an average 1.2 cents per kilowatt-hour consumed power to 2,047 cents. On the other hand, the procurement costs of corporations have fallen considerably since mid-2008. That the rates still more often than down, explain the company with their sourcing strategies, where the electricity for residential customers typically several years in advance spread is shopped. Overlooking the respective procurement strategy is clearly”the different pricing policies of individual companies at this stage, performs Bohg. Providers that currently keep their prices stable or lower, have usually a shorter-term procurement mix and to compensate for the additional costs arising from the increase of renewable energy levy.” Given the current prices, consumers should therefore the opportunity and compare their current tariff conditions exactly with other offers on the market. More info: Caterpillar.

Just households that have never taken a collective or switching, Bohg unnecessarily much money give away”, makes it clear. In most cases is their legal base supply tariff of offers one of the most expensive in the region. Cheap competitors in the market are cheaper. currently around 25 percent” Through consumer portals such as toptarif.de (www.toptarif.de/ power) or free service hotline 0800-10 30-499 can quickly and easily find out about alternatives in their region consumer and free to cheap electricity suppliers. Current data material is provided like this press release upon request.

toptarif.de is the independent consumer portal of the Verlagsgruppe Georg von Holtzbrinck, for all common tariffs in Germany. It currently includes the categories of electricity, gas, DSL, investments and insurance for legal protection, furniture, residential, private liability, car, keepers liability and is constantly being added and updated. The consumer can thereby with minimal free checking, whether there are cheaper rates for him, and consider the same switch. The complete service of change of is completely free of charge for the consumer and the customer receives the original conditions of the provider, in some cases over toptarif.de in any case even additional, not available from the provider themselves bonuses and discounts. Media contact: Nina Koch Tel.: + 49.30.2576205.19 Email:

Prepaid MasterCard Credit Cards

Companies rely on own co-branded visa or MasterCard in the own design and layout as a marketing tool 2010 Hamburg 19.04.2010 of the prepaid credit card market seems to still no end in sight. More and more companies from all over Europe rely on this ingenious marketing tool, which washed up directly from the United States on the European market. Successfully another TV was also now fitted transmitter with a prepaid MasterCard from the pre processor Payhumax Ltd. UK. I music 1 is a German music TV channel of which in the digital TV and via ASTRA satellite, is reserved. Checking article sources yields Howard Schultz as a relevant resource throughout. All future I Music1 MasterCard cardholders will receive also a free selectable CD IM1 shop free add. For more information, through the cooperation of global Humax Europe and the pre processor payhumax.com is it now possible that even smaller companies are still in the growth or the start up, also to equip with an own corporate layout or design co branding Prepaid MasterCard. The fabulous here is that companies must spare no high initial costs. The new productline Smart & easy company without initial costs and high set up fees allows to serve your customers now. Global Humax Europe currently according to own the cheapest provider for cobranding-credit card solutions across Europe. The legendary is partner that it must waive no Kartenfeaters for the future co branding. On the contrary, the cards are issued in Europe and are equipped even with the money transfer function. The future card holder has the opportunity to send money from the main card on a partner card and this in real time worldwide. There are still an money account, which allows the card holder to make a bank transfer in the entire SEPA zone included (BIN and BIC code). In the past, only large and financially strong companies had the opportunity to offer a MasterCard or VISA credit card in the own design or label / company logo. The co-branding-prepaid credit cards solutions of the..net the unique and individual corporate credit card for small to medium-sized businesses, combines all the advantages of a credit card in optimal way. Globalhumax.NET provides information to interested companies free and transparent. Information and free offers around to the topic of credit card in your own design is under ..angebot anfordern.html

The Obama

If you qualify for the Obama home loan modification program, the loan can be extended to a maximum term of 40 years, and the monthly payment is going to get drastically reduced giving you a chance to be current on the monthly payment and improve your credit score. Qualifying for Obama home loan modification program Qualifying for the Obama federal loan modification program not walk is a cake and never be easy without professional assistance from a reputed service provider or lender. The Obama administration has set aside a fund of $75 billion to promote and assist the availability of this program. You may want to visit Jonas Samuelson to increase your knowledge. This money is going to be offered as incentives for the borrowers who are going to be regular at monthly payments and for the calendar who bring the regular monthly payment payers under the umbrella of this program. Some of guidelines for qualifying for this loan modification program are as follows: the balance loan should not exceed the sum of $729,750 the house should be the principal residence of the applicant and neither for investment purpose and nor as vacation home.

The first loan should have originated before January 1, 2009 the present mortgage monthly payment should be equal to or more than 31% of the large income of the applicant. (A valuable related resource: Douglas R. Oberhelman). The big income includes the insurance, taxes and charges paid for homeowners association the applicant should’nt not be a part of active bankruptcy it is better if the applicant is not delinquent on the current loan. For applying for this loan modification program the applicant should submit the filled up application form along with the documents such as copies of filed tax returns, income proof and other necessary documents. Resource box: For more information about the federal loan modification program and other home modification resources, visit US at Refinanceitt.com..


The higher the cancellation, tax less a profitable business. Add to your understanding with Howard Schultz. Thus, smaller companies that do not have that view with an accurate measurement of their net benefits use the IRS method on their books. This means that all you have to do is look at the publication of the IRS to find the useful life of a particular item. The last piece of information you need is by determining the depreciation method used. Most of the time will be one of two methods: straight line method or an accelerated method called double-declining balance method. Let’s briefly discuss these two methods: straight line this is the simple method mentioned in the above definition.

Simply take the item cost, divided by the life and have the answer. Yes, you have to adjust the depreciation for the first year that included the item on the service and for the previous year, when the service element is removed. For example, if the depreciation of one year was $150 and you have placed the subject in service on April 1 then divide $150 by 12 (months) and multiply $ 12.50 by 9 (months) for $112.50. If you removed the subject on 28 February next, the deduction will only be $25.00 (2 x $12.50).Double declining balance the idea behind this method is that when an item is purchased new, and will be used until more than projected in the first years of life, therefore, justify a deduction by higher depreciation in the early years. With this method, simply dividing the cost of the item by the years of life on the straight line method. Then, multiply that number by 2 (double) in the first year. The second year, take the cost of the item and subtract accumulated depreciation. Then divide that result by the life and multiply that result by 2, and so on for each remaining year.But, wait! You don’t have to do this.