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Enforce House Money Residues In The Forced Sale!

Tax authorities cannot refuse publication of the notification of the unit value. Payer in a residential community of owners hems are a great evil. Often take the problems for years and prevent any sensible planning and implementation of common tasks. If all amicable solutions in emptiness are gone, often only the path over the foreclosure remains. So far new hurdles were connected but it not easy making the administrator to enforce the claims. After the reform of the way they can claim now as preferential claims in the forced sale in the rank of class 2, as far as these amounts will not exceed five percent of the value of the unit. Precondition is however according to 10 ABS.

3 ZVG, that the arrears amount more than three per cent of the unit value of home ownership is way no. 2 according to 18 para 2 and is proven by presentation of the unit value notification (BGH, decision of the 17.4.2008 V dial 14/08). In practice, however, the assertion of such claims failed so far in the financial offices’s refusal to publish the relevant unit value notification to the community of homeowners having regard to the tax secret. This obstacle has the legislature now in the way of remedying a defect”eliminates the way reform (Act of July 7, 2009, Federal Law Gazette I p. 1707/1711). Then the provisions of section 30 of the tax law concerning tax secrecy of communication unit value to the community of homeowners from the internal revenue service does not preclude according to 10 paragraph 3 sentence 1, if there is an enforceable title second Halfsentence ZVG.

Also the provision of 18 para 2 is been decorated appropriately way no. 2 What then are the conditions for the suspension of home ownership, if an apartment owner with the fulfilment of his obligations is longer than three months in an amount of more than three per cent of the value of the unit in default. Also in this case, the Tax Office of community of apartment owners must post the unit value. The interim decision of the BGH, stating that it is sufficient for the detection of exceeding the amount of three per cent of the value of the unit, if the House money gap exceeds more than five per cent of the market value, is so outdated (BGH, decision of 2 April 2009, V ZB 157/08). More information granted you Thorsten Hausmann spokesman of Hakim Hausverwaltung GmbH 040 / 529 40 80

VBMDU E.V. Expects From

Consulting services under the various provisions of SGB BBs charged provided the VBMDU e.V. his consulting services settles with the competent authorities, contribution, now monthly. This simply means that the VBMDU e.V. is no longer prepared to unvergutet his services to the State, the community of solidarity to help your performance. For seeking the advice, the advice remains continue to free, the VBMDU e.V. rejects categorically 2005 forced memberships or consultancy fees since its inception in the year. The following declaration was on the Senate Department for integration, labour and Social Affairs, the joint Welfare Association, the Federal Agency for work and at the job Center Neukolln sent.

As there already explained, we will create no Maseratis or other luxury goods, a modern Kommunikationseinrichtuung and the money to make social insurance jobs, join. According to rough estimates of VBMDU e.V. has 4,000 since its inception in the year 2005 about free consultation and Beistandschaften. 222 logged alone in March 2010. Declaration on the invoice in the amount of 10.278,60 to all invoice recipients: \”the VBMDU e.V. was founded in 2005. Since then, countless consultations and active Beistandschaften spot in various administrative authorities or in correspondence took place.

Multiple promotions were requested about the neighbourhood management and the Senatsverwaltung fur integration, labour and Social Affairs. The response was equal to zero. We provide assistance in complex situations, our customers usually bring a wide range of issues, from the wrong performance decision to rent questions everything is. We work across the district and make sure embarrassing to offer any legal advice. Therefore we must reference currently people advice centres, of which we know that this no lasting support to the people can provide or make available. This is a vicious circle, which we step forward with our staff. Without our volunteers Employees who experience yourself at times considerable pressure through your local job Center, would our work impossible (have been).

Effective Protection With Sunscreen

Modern films on flat glass. Maintenance-free after a long winter many on the warmer days forward. The Sun is good for our soul and has a positive effect on the psyche. But the Sun brings negative side with it. Owners of modern apartments and houses with large Windows know about the effects of solar radiation. Quickly, the room looks like a greenhouse and the stay is untenable without air conditioning.

Carpets and furniture behind the window front be quickly affected and bleached by the sunlight. A sunscreen prevents not only the aggressive ultraviolet radiation but also lowers the costs for air conditioning. By the window with a sunscreen coating, UV-A and UV-B radiation from solar radiation are filtered. The light and heat is greatly reduced. The sunscreen reduces the radiation by up to 80 percent. From harmful UV rays, the film offers a nearly 99% percent protection. The view outside is freely possible despite the sunscreen. The sunscreen is but also priced a real alternative to the external Venetian blind and the blind.

The film is easy to clean, saving time and money. Cleaned will brush the sunscreen at the window. The window including the protective film be rinsed with a diluted mild detergent, a soft cloth or a lambskin wiper. At some special tinting the coating prevents even the nutshell of. The film washes clean again when the next downpour. To ensure an optimal sun protection, a slide should be selected for the outside of the window. Especially with a double glazing, skylights and glass that is to recommend mounting on the outside. For indoor installation, it can come to the heating up of the space and break the glass. The kind of sunscreen depends on the required protection from Sun and heat and after the alignment of the window. Window on the South front need a higher level of protection, as here, the Sun is very intense. A comprehensive, expert advice is obtained at SSK sunshade, a competent partner for Sun protection. SSK sunscreen INH. R.Kollmann Internet:

Company Video

Manual control of movement and parameters dome you can with the help module Remote Client. To connect to the surveillance system VR-N1600 is equipped with two network ports Ethernet standard 10-1000BASE-T and 10-100BASE-T, one of which is used to connect IP-based cameras, and the other – to connect to LAN-and WAN-networks. If necessary, you can connect to the NVR and analog cameras – video server via JVC VN-E4, and five USB-interface can be connected to the DVR, "mouse" joystick, external hard drives and drive CD-R/RW. Two audio channels NVR can record an audio, synchronized with the video. The open architecture of VR-N1600 NVR can be used for video in the integrated security systems or with access control systems. With support for open protocols NVR can be easily integrated with the equipment and systems from other manufacturers and can be IP-cameras, not only of JVC, but other manufacturers, such as AXIS and VERINT. To work as part of surveillance system VR-N1600 is equipped with 8 alarm inputs, 1 relay output and 1 output for alarm.

Built-in motion detector NVR can be adjusted individually for each channel. At receiving an alarm from an external alarm sensors or motion detector NVR can send the operator a notice to improve the quality of video alarm channel, and when working with Milestone XProtect Enterprise software, the operator can see the location of source of anxiety in graphic terms. New NVRs VR-N1600 will go to the Russian market in early February 2008. For more information on NVR and other DVRs, contact JVC e-mail or multi-line phones (495) 787-3342 or 937-9056 to manager of sales "ARMO-Systems", which is the official Russian distributor of equipment JVC, or the regional offices' Armo. " JVC Professional is a unit of Japanese concern JVC (Victor Company of Japan) – a recognized world leader in the manufacture of professional audio and video equipment, including equipment for video surveillance systems. In the Russian market very popular color digital and analog cameras, IP-cameras, monitors, video surveillance, dome cameras, video recorders (DVR and NVR), color LCD-monitors and other equipment for JVC Professional Systems CCTV.

Internet Without Investing

Can you make fast money by internet without investing?. There are many truths and lies which is good for anyone interested in the topic to know around this topic. Truth be told, win money (online or off) has never been an easy task. In fact making money implies an effort, a job and enough waiting for that effort and such work yield their fruits represented in cash and cash. On the internet you can make money in many ways. You can make money by investing money, you can make money without investing money, you can make money by deceiving people (this is the most widely used form that exists) and you can make money telling the truth (this is the way that people usually less like). Do to make money fast on the internet without investing must be into account some things: the quick word that means in this case?. For many fast people can mean already, tomorrow, in a week or a month when a lot.

However, the concept of making quick money by internet or thanks to Internet goes far beyond such just 30 days. However there are documented cases of people who have achieved significant progress in the story of revenue aided by the power of the internet in a span of 6 months. Other people reach to generate nice income (above US$ 1000 a month) over a period of a year or maybe a little more. But behind the success of any person, always hides a fundamental component that elude many people in the same way that movies vampire avoids garlic cloves and that component is working. This simple 7-letter word: work, cause itching in the majority of the people and this is the case, simply because daily sold us the idea of the practice and achieve big goals effortlessly. Most people would like to (want to) be as David Beckham or Michael Schumacher or Bill Gates or Steve Jobs or Oprah Winfrey (if you are woman of course), but none has stopped thinking about the way that all of them have made it to where they are and there is only answer them all, are as they are because they have spent tons of hours of work behind their careers.

Home Insurance

To protect belongings pass through accidents. But what to do when a fire destroyed the kitchen or the apartment suddenly is under water? A home insurance provides for remedy in such cases. The finance portal geld.de informs what service offers such a policy. In General, all movable items are insured with a home insurance establishing the apartment belonging to or stored in this. It covers damage caused by fire, lightning, burglary, pipe breaks, tap water and storm and frost, storm and hail.

However, should this damage through gross negligence”of the customer be created, past many insurance companies for the costs incurred refused to come up. According to focus money must replace at least some of the damage since the reform of the German insurance contract law. Prior to the completion of a home insurance terms and prices of the different providers should be compared, because there are often large differences. In addition to the standard insurance is also the possibility to buy additional insurance, which protect against weather-related damage or damage caused by overvoltage. Since the insurance sum is determined by the value of the equipment, should be taken here carefully. An inventory list, which is regularly brought up to date is recommended. Caused during an insurance of the household goods to high monthly fees, can lead to high financial losses under insurance in the event of an emergency. Typically, such lower insurance can be avoided, if at least 650 euro per square metre of living space are agreed for the sum insured. More information: presse.html Lisa Neumann University first media