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Socialtext Spaces

For more information see an article from our blog that covers the topic here. Use of Wikis for collaborative definition sale: creating spaces in Internet, access public or private, to work collaboratively between seller and buyer. Wikis may have many other applications (for example, the famous free encyclopedia Wikipedia is a wiki), but for the specific case of sales, I’ve been applying it in creating collaborative spaces for sales processes and believe me, is an excellent tool. In addition to being an excellent support for the sale process, it helps to create a knowledge base that generates material for other sales processes. Objective: Create online collaborative spaces to keep a central record of all the actions and conversations that are between seller and buyer. Creates a base of knowledge of every sales process or project tools: I am currently making use of a tool that operates 100% on Internet called Socialtext (www.socialtext.com).

It’s free for a number of participants in the wiki up to 5. From there it has cost per user. Socialtext has developed an initiative aimed at the development of collaborative intelligence between sales and marketing. If you want to see more information on this, please click here. Development of mental maps for a better analysis of sale and opportunities to communicate ideas more effectively a definition of the key skills of any seller Advisory is its capacity for analysis and visualization of a solution to the problem of your customer.

Obviously after you generate this vision, you must convey it the most effective way to strengthen your relationship with the customer. For this I recommend the use of mind maps. Mental (or conceptual) maps are a graphical representation of ideas and concepts, which depart from a main concept and around the topics of interest are developed. Anyone interested in deeper into the topic, I recommend reading (is in English) found here.

Early Development

Any game with a toddler – this is the development and study the world around him. Your two-month crumb grabbed you by the sleeve? Do not rush to remove the handle and let him explore and touch the fabric. Let's take a kid to handle different in texture and material toys, even compares the experience. From such little things as we think, but actually very important things and starts before the child's development. Create developmental environment around your baby. It can be absolutely anything! Even ordinary pans in the kitchen that your six-crumb will insert into each other. In the family, someone likes to sew? Surely he has in stock a few large buttons. Great toys! Let crumb crawl and collect their fingers off the floor, puts them in a pan or box.

Close the box or pan with a lid – it will interesting rattle. Buy a baby first pyramid as soon as possible. After all, it can be not only to assemble and disassemble, and even rings and put in a box, pogremet them, then pull out again. Find some free time to sit next to the crumbs and show all the colors of the pyramid. It will still develop visual sensations baby. Start reading Tales from birth. If you do not have time – do not despair. Put the baby in the crib and put him to drive with a song or a fairy tale for the little ones, good development of speech! But do not overdo it this way – all the same, the kid is very important to hear my mother's voice.

You can also give the crumbs to play with a mobile phone, click on the button and develops fine motor skills. Can be a long time list all household items and tools for development and child's play. When you are busy in the kitchen, sit beside the child, give him a variety of pasta and cereals, even poperesypaet, touch it all the fingers. In our time in stores and mass educational toys – parents just have to pick them up by age. And of course, the most important thing to use it all wisely. Do not impose your child classes, and direct and play with him. Initial development – the daily work of mother and child. However, the mother should be creative and patient. Do not overload the crumbs, and let him take an interest. And your job is to anticipate this interest and support at the right time.