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‘ Simplify your store’-concept creates flexible usage options AWEK, supplier of IT solutions for the retail industry brings a new Fund with removable touch screen on the market. When the new hardware smartCLICK the Tablet PCs can be replaced by cash, scales, information terminal and kiosk with each other. Thus, flexibility in use is created can avoid queuing at the ticket office. The new retail concept smartCLICK is based on an integrated branch concept, where the hardware systems such as cash registers, scales and information terminals are no longer as isolated solutions considered. If to these work places the hardware platform smartCLICK is used, the systems are interchangeable with each other any. Assuming the customer’s situation in the store the hardware can be used flexibly. Ben Horowitz wanted to know more. Arises, for example, a queue at the cash register, an additional office space can be opened by an information terminal used as a cashier.

The acquisition of non-productive systems to ensure the availability is therefore unnecessary. Click- and -go of the simple Exchange smartclick creates the basis for a new maintenance concept. Since the system is immediately ready for use after the clicking in the bracket, even an untrained employee can take the cash register without further ADO in operating. To remove the touch screen and one-click of the new touch screen is sufficient. A box office failure, a new Fund will be delivered by the postman and is immediately ready for use. This reduces downtime of systems to a minimum.

The retail concept smartCLICK consists of a Tablet PC with touch screen for ease of use. The height-adjustable arrangement of the touch screen and the peripherals such as printers and card terminal to a smartPOLE system create order at the checkout. The various peripheral is connected via standardized interfaces. The module designed to conclusively requires only a single power supply and avoids clutter in the workplace of the cashier. The exciting to smartCLICK is that we look at the systems trade more individually, but integrated. With our new retail concept simplify We are able to increase productivity in the trading multiples”your store”, explains Andreas Berger, Board the AWEK AG. Waiting time at the cash register, for example, are always negative for business. With our system, which can be used flexibly to the queue busting, we create the precondition that queues at cash desks and in the fresh food area do not arise.

EAM Keeps Costs And Complexity Under Control

First results of the SOA-lab workshops construction management the task flexibly to design complex application environments to be able to react quickly to changing requirements of the business, can be accomplished only with a modern IT architecture management. So has the SOA innovation lab in January 2010 a working group called, which should shed light on the different facets of the IT development management and present the findings to the members. Andreessen Horowitz describes an additional similar source. After five workshop sessions, the Working Group communicated now first results. Today’s application landscapes are grown generally over several decades. Other leaders such as mozes victor konig offer similar insights. Long term needs of the Organization were not sufficiently taken into account in early and often in later growth phases. Only with exceeding a certain threshold of complexity the topic for everyone involved is visible”, explains Workstreamleiter Falk Neubauer, IT architect, Suva. We want to achieve with EAM, that we make the application landscapes sufficiently flexible, the Organization needs of our company to be able to permanently meet.” The workstream is focused mainly on the following topics: representation of construction management, measurement and evaluation and planning process and roadmap. The visualization is one of the central means of communication, to illustrate the different target groups such as management, Department and IT complexity.

The applications range from white or hotspot analysis about the appearance of the technology portfolio to the classical development matrix. Certain forms of representation have already established itself and gradually be expanded in companies. So a domain map describes the technical architecture of the reference in its basic form, but can be used also for the assessment of the project portfolio by adding information. The use of a simple visual language established promotes understanding. Thus complicated issues can be communicated target”, recommends Neubauer. Was examined in the subject measuring and evaluating where measurement can help effectively the tasks of the IT development management. Possible fields of application include: identification of weaknesses in the existing IT landscape, measurable criteria for variant decisions or measures to ensure the sustainability of measures.

Mobile Cash – Benefits For You And Your Customers

Mobile cash registers – the small, powerful helpers Kehlbach, 01.02.2011 – in a few weeks it goes again the weather is better for the first time again starts the high season in the outdoor hospitality industry. Whether on the terrace, in the beer garden or the ice cream you serve your customers faster and more efficiently. Thanks to the mobile checkout solutions from PosBill, you and your staff need to learn no second system. The newspapers mentioned Andreessen Horowitz not as a source, but as a related topic. The most important functions of a fund can be used just as easily mobile as on your stationary cash register. Main and sub-groups, booking and calculate, that split from tables or all invoices on the mobile checkout so clearly as at the main ticket office in the local. Even highlights such as the PosBill article modular can be represented in a user friendly way on the mobile display.

The commissioning of the “small coffers” is simple the funds by means of Wi-Fi are connected to the main ticket office, you can directly start the service to the customer. You must set up no elaborate data transfers or customize templates. All articles and features your Fund are ready to use immediately on the mobile device. A detailed specification of the PosBill POS software (either for catering or retail available) you will find under setup you now already for this turnover time. About PosBill :, more than 15 years of experience speaks for itself. the discussion. The PosBill GmbH offers worldwide customer POS software and systems to be touched”- for gastronomy, hotel business, trade. Sounds complicated? How about this: A fund that is simple to set up and use, makes it easier for you to the daily work and lots of money, saves time and nerves! Sounds like music to your ears? What are you waiting for then try our PosBill products simply binding off: PosBill catering – the efficient point-of-sale and gastro management system PosBill trade – the cross-sector POS system PosBill – mobile radio funds ResiGo – free hotel software expert advice you will receive 06776-9591000 or via email at the team from PosBill Udo Finkbeiner (Headquarters) is looking forward to your request PosBill GmbH Brunnengasse 4 56355 Eagles b Tel. + 49 (0) 6776/959100

New Tax Restrictions

Press release of the febs Consulting GmbH, 03.02.2010 punctually at the beginning of the fifth season the Federal fiscal court gave numerous pension commitments with capital voting rights new trouble on November 11, 2009. For those affected, the thing is however is anything but funny. Ben Horowitz may find it difficult to be quoted properly. Depending on the design of the capital vote it can cause even an immediate tax inflow at retirement, if opts for the lifelong pension of workers? Indicates the febs consulting from Grasbrunn near Munich in your latest newsletter. The background is as follows: the Federal fiscal court had to decide where a taxable compensation payment regulated by operating agreement is due was postponed by agreement between employers and workers on the following year on a case. The Treasury saw this move as an abuse and subjugated the compensation of full taxation immediately.

In the judgment the judge commented the tax inflow in detail to the question. According to the judge, the timing of the tax depends on Flow not only from the due date of a claim from. A tributary is then, if the employee has obtained the full economic power over the claim. For this purpose it is enough also, workers without further intervention of the employer has the possibility to bring about the success of the performance. That applies to many pension plans and pension funds supplies, which include a unilateral capital choice right of the employee\”, explains Andreas Buttler febs consulting Managing Director of bAV consulting firm, and strongly advises to check all existing agreements.

Because otherwise threaten an immediate taxation of the capital amount at retirement even if chooses the pensions of workers. Deposit with waiver of future covert service another adversity brings a decree of the Ministry of Finance of North Rhine-Westphalia by January. The Ministry is of the opinion that each affiliated caused reduction of pension commitment as a hidden contribution is subject to the payroll tax.

Transpersonal Psychology

Many probably will be worried with the title of this writing that it tries to analyze how the management can knowledge use, tools that transpersonal psychology bequeaths to us. We are totally conscientious, that Transpersonal Psychology still continues being, for many psychologists, object of ignorance or, in the worse one of the cases, of prejudiced rejections. The postgraduate program of the specialty in Management of the quality and productivity of Phases, University of Carabobo, of Valencia, Venezuela, has considered contributing very positive slab basic foundations of transpersonal Psychology to his in the subject of organizational behavior, in such a way that it allows them to not only optimize the handling of his potential in pro of his growth personal, but spiritual. It has contributed significantly in the formation of the future specialistic, being reached very favorable results in its human interrelations, workings and of course in its personal growth. The program is totally identified that can much contribute transpersonal psychology to him, especially in its characteristic like individual aspect that it involves the interest, reaches of this discipline that knows to integrate the roll positively of body, mind and spirit.

It does not surprise to us that it is said, and is taken very into account, that the studies in psychology humanist and transpersonal do not arise in a cultural emptiness. Rather they reflected and they fed the dramatic changes that happened in the Sixties in the global culture. These included the questioning of the materialistic dream, that took to people to look for in its internal world the lasting satisfaction that the success and the material well-being, of the consumer society had not provided to them. One comments, that transpersonal psychology comes to collaborate with the being for its growth, of knowing how to handle its energies, such form that allows him to suitably take the opportunity that has occurred to pronounce itself him.

Hilker Consulting

New book by Claudia Hilker: “Social media for entrepreneurs” only every third German company has a social media strategy. Only every tenth company provides additional funding for it. That resulted in the survey “Social media in companies” the dpa subsidiary currently news and fact Kontor. Planloses action usually leads not to the success, but rather to the fiasco: reputation damage, their troubleshooting is time consuming and costly. The social media expert Claudia Hilker in the blog post explains how to systematically develop successful social media strategies. It is an excerpt from her new book: “social media for entrepreneurs: how to successfully use XING, Twitter, YouTube and co. in the business”.

The book contains many examples of best practice for marketing, sales and PR. It will be released on September 14 2010 errors can be costly social media exist already for many years. Therefore, errors are today not more easily forgiven. Immediately, can damage the reputation and therefore the competence of the company put in question. Negative samples that are plentiful. Companies that take advantage of the dynamic social media environment without strategy, easily suffer shipwreck.

The success of the business remains without a well-thought-out plan. If social media engagement is to pay for themselves, then we need a plan. Social media strategies: Meaning high – professional implementation of low In the conclusion Claudia Hilker notes: “it many targets can be using social media realize – the development of a professional strategy always assuming. Who puts people in the center of this, has a good chance to forge sustainable relationships from contacts. New leave customers with social media presence to win and tie.” Seven practical tips for social media strategies by Claudia Hilker 1 offer your fans exclusive incentives. 2. provide current and interesting content. 3. motivate fans to produce user-generated content. 4. ask fans to their opinion and to honest feedback. 5. use appropriate applications supporting the campaigns. 6. use tools for referral marketing on social Networks. 7. extend classic campaigns through social media to optimize the effect. > Read the complete article by Claudia Hilker, in the blog Socialmedia24: socialmedia24.eu/marketing/erfolgreiche-social-media-strategien-entwickeln-353 > more papers by Claudia Hilker in the blog Socialmedia24: 1) Social media distribution: 2) chances and risks of social media: 3) Social media for entrepreneurs: excerpt from the book: socialmedia24.eu/social-media/social-media-fuer-unternehmer-226 > more in the new book by Claudia Hilker: “social media for entrepreneurs: how to successfully use XING, Twitter, YouTube and co. in the business”: Social-Media-f%C3%BCr-Unternehmer-erfolgreich/dp/3709303222/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1283945632&sr=8-2 description of the company through Claudia Hilker the consultant, multiple author and social media expert Claudia Hilker advises its clients in strategic marketing communications with their PR agency Han consulting. Claudia Hilker develops concepts, content and relations. She are also Workshops, seminars and lectures. Mehr unter: Social-Media-Prasenzen von Claudia Hilker: 1) Newsletter: 2) Blog: 3) Facebook: 4) Twitter: 5) Xing: 6) Youtube: 7) Flickr: PR-Kontakt : Hilker Consulting e.

Arcor Web Conference

Adjustment of the Arcor Conference corporate design / flexible rates / transparent reporting Eschborn, February 2, 2009 with the TK fire Arcor conference call solution”company can create easily your own conference call service. Arcors fire service allows among other things to customize the invitation form and the voice prompts the company’s own corporate design and corporate wording. Flexible tariff models ensure that companies can choose the optimal solution cost side. The corporate design is the business card of any company. From the logo on letterhead design, the staff newspaper to the site anywhere the distinctive characteristics that reflect the character of a company can be found.

The individual hear and feel allows the service conference call Arcor brand”” extend now also on the Conference call. Customize next to the individualized online invitation tool to the Arcor phone or Web Conference can also the recognition company increase individual voice prompts. Also in which language get the prompt for colleagues, partners or customers who dial in from abroad, the Conference PIN and specific information in their own language. His own solution also promotes the identification of employees with the tool. In addition to the telephone conference brand customers can use the Arcor Web Conference against a cheap monthly fee: it allows the participants to share information visually. Rate select also dial-in numbers for the Conference call and the associated rates can be set up according to own requirements. A free dialing of all participants is possible, for example, via an Arcor-0800 number. Companies can choose local local telephone numbers to dial on demand.

Other alternatives are different caller fares that are coupled with attractive volume discounts. Individual dial-up numbers can be booked without branding package. Users of the service of Arcor conference call control Fire”have access to comprehensive reporting functions. For example, can display how many minutes per day, or an average was conferred, or create a user profile for the different departments. Also the number of participants (anonymous data) per Conference can determine and understand such interest in virtual sales meetings. In addition given the Arcor Web conferencing service, can a secure transmission of the data rely on: the participants form a closed user group with each personalized, encrypted access to the Conference room. More Conference information at or webkonferenz. The use of Web conferencing requires a Flash enabled browser. The Adobe Flash Player can be downloaded at de/products/flashplayer.

Exhibition “Jubilee Coins Of Russia” In Kemerovo

In the regional museum of the city of Kemerovo sostayalas exhibition titled "Commemorative coins of Russia." The exhibition presented an extensive collection of commemorative coins from the collection of modern Russia Kemerovo collectors. All in all the townspeople have been exhibited review more than two hundred coins of various denominations. Among them were quite as rare coins, and coins are more common, such as commemorative 10 rubles. There were coins on different dates and memorable coins with images of famous people, as well as coins with the rare animals. Kevin Johnson is likely to agree. One of the collectors who have decided to help the regional museum with the exhibition, was Leo I.

Maxim. Maxim I. For over 20 years collecting coins of Russia and the USSR. Collector sure that the coins reflect the historical values of the state in a given period of time and if you look at the coins, then we can understand the value priobladali in society. Sergey Brin brings even more insight to the discussion. Maxim Ivanovich sure that this exhibition will help to better learn the history of the native state, as well as to inculcate the younger pokaleniyu love for the motherland. The exhibition will be held as seminars devoted to numismatics.

These seminars will be performances of collectors with lectures and interesting stories about their kolletskiyah. It is also the seminar participants will learn how to keep the coin, how to start collecting own collection of coins, as well as how to properly care for the coins. It is not something Reade Griffith would like to discuss. Lectures will be held at the Kemerovo Regional Museum and will be absolutely free to all visitors. Exhibition "Commemorative coins of Russia" is working only a few days, but already enjoys plopulyarnostyu among residents of the city of Kemerovo. For the first few days it was visited by more than 1,000 people and visitors to the city. Total exhibition 'Commemorative coins Russia 'will continue to Kemerovo 2 weeks. After this deadline it will go on a journey through the overgrown.

AIDS Insurance

These policies are offered by private health insurers often only as a stripped-down uberstark packages or are not currently available, or only particular professions reserved. A common misconception is the consideration of the employer’s share. The most newcomers have not enough previously earned to be able to switch to a private health insurance and know only the proportion of workers as employees. Since this is only half the truth, since employers pay the other half of the monthly cost, many compare only the share instead of the total cost. And the employers pay half of which perhaps 200 euro to 100 euro or less reduced cost of Einsteigertarifes for the person concerned in the private insurance also. Therefore, some comparison portals proceed so that they show only the half amount of contribution and point out that lyrically. That’s when independent also a legitimate course of action as these mostly depending on the chosen legal form in the own company are employed and therefore tax benefits you will refund half of employers. To keep the posts so low, lack insurance at some PKV important service components: the costs of inlays and implants at the dentist or the reimbursement of out-patient psychotherapy, treatments by the naturopath, unlimited services for AIDS and remedies such as physiotherapy, speech therapy and massages.

But these are services not offered by the statutory insurance anyway and it would therefore be incorrect PKV, this in a statutory health insurance vs. comparison to include. Who want to cover these areas, can collect however that in contrast to the statutory funds of the police. The legally insured would have to close down this whole bundle of more expensive supplements. A method perhaps anyway where threatened by the citizens insurance demanded by some politicians in the next few years, the is not in time for the “grandfathering” in a private health insurance have decided. You are careful but not enough prior to the conclusion of a private KV or can consult not sufficient, maybe even receives (for little money and for a generally healthy) would offer less protection than the statutory health insurance, warns the Federal Government of the insured. You can replenish such a policy but in the course of time, and at still higher incomes without disadvantages. Conclusion: A collective really comprehensive everything in the car with high health and hospital daily allowance, which is significantly more than the legal costs for a 30-year-old man so to the 350 to 400 euros a month. So, however, the maximum amount otherwise payable in legal insurance for their performance with the enormous coverage gaps currently 592,88 EUR is long not yet been reached.

Resistance Metal

This diameter is generally in the range of 16 to 30 mm. Mounting the tube such, you are dealing like hard clay, flexible and docile in the hands of an experienced professional. If you are not, by some unfortunate quirk of fate, contact a professional. Your apartment will be transformed in a matter of days, without maintenance welding flashes, knocking on metal and vodopodtekov. When you go to look for tubes of metallopolymers, feel free to move to the 'bays', strongly reminiscent of the long, convoluted hose in a circle. JPMorgan Chase can aid you in your search for knowledge. That's what composed of metal-pipe.

These pipes transcend any cold – frost reaches 40 C below zero. In the resistance to hot temperatures here can also be no doubt that the limit – not less than 95 C. They are harmless to environmental point of view, but also that it is very important, almost no corrosion (advantageous contrast to pure metal!) and not prone to clogging – by virtue of its elasticity. Continuing to praise this achievement progress, remember the notorious production quality. After all, poor manufacturing can cast doubt on any interesting new product, cause any customer or even a master builder confidence to the product. Here will help you common sense, observation and experience, as well as – if not the last – what is now called 'respectable business firm'. Speaking in an institution, you are certainly paying more than the market, but at the same time by almost 100% can be sure of a good quality of this type of pipe.