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Economics Monday

my studies at the Fernuniversitat in Hagen WiWi goes online distance learning! The new blog, WiWi goes online distance learning. The blog reports on my couch at the Fernuniversitat in Hagen, Germany. Here you’ll get testimonials and stories related to my studies. The site offers tips and tricks around the study, as well as the everyday things that move me as students. A part-time course in addition to the job brings many problems, that I would like to show and discuss. Here a first post of the new site: how it all began it’s Economics Monday…

so a real Monday, the day runs out and since it always still bitter cold is, in the solarium of my confidence. A bank selected and already the artificial sun burns me the chill from your bones. I dammere so then, since shoots me a thought through my head… Study, I’ve got it now! How does he do this now? Yes, a good question! Simple answer: I must do, because there are really stupid over there, if I sit nicely before the TV and watching football, while my girlfriend learns and learns, and learns. If you have read about More already – you may have come to the same conclusion. I’m watching Golf too, do this some other time. …

back in the solarium there I had now to the decision, it should be studied. Said than done, and google to help my friend… then I came already on the side of the Fernuniversitat in Hagen, Germany. The love in Hagen one not make the thing difficult and an online application in 15 minutes was click and get rid of these ausgefullt…Ein. The application still printed and signed, certificates to do so… off to the post. We wait, times, what is happening! A look at the page is worthwhile especially for prospective students of the University of Hagen. Also people looking into this, to take a correspondence course in attack are right in here. The page offers information about the distance learning program and welcomes visitors who want to help each other. Simon Sambold

Brave New World

You would call out loud more and more service providers turn Germany back Berlin/Dusseldorf, November 9, 2009 the last turn off the light!\”, when one observes the alleged emigration waves in German television. Goodbye Germany \”my new life\” are only two titles by documentation that now accompany German emigrants for those couch potatoes left in the Republic over the years in the land of opportunity, to the far East, Africa or Scandinavia. Learn more at this site: Howard Schultz. One knows the Hanseatic new cowboy that has become endemic in Texas Konny Reimann, who touches the heart of wanderlust above all himself now. However, it is not the immigrants, who are responsible for the decline in population, calculated by the Federal Statistical Office. \”The Sudeutsche newspaper that gives all-clear in terms of emigration: therefore, all statistics show a stable emigration rate for decades: for more than 20 years, it is constant at 0.8 percent.\” SZ author Jutta Pilgram refers to a Emigration study based on selected data of the socio-economic Panel (GSOEP), a repeat survey of 11,000 German households at the German Institute for economic research in Berlin (DIW). ul. As a general rule: the someone is younger, the higher is the probability that he is abroad.

\”In addition, emigrants are more often female, academics and childless\”, as the daily newspaper. And especially in preferred countries of emigration – academics would have it of Switzerland, Austria and the United States – also much more easily than others, find a new job.\” While there is obviously not a reason to emigrate mostly. Who is a such a momentous decision, has several related reasons\”, says study author Marcel Erlinghagen. These reasons were mostly private as well as professional nature. It is striking, however, that satisfaction is mostly irrelevant with the own economic situation. The consequences of the exodus are in politics and Science is controversial. Some fear the so-called brain drain and believe that Germany is mentally verode.

Elegant Sleepwear For Ladies

Elegant Lady or seductive vamp, this decision can make every night a woman on the new, matching night clothes makes every transformation. Swarmed by offers, Kevin Johnson is currently assessing future choices. A truly elegant Lady stands out, she has not only a sense of clean day wardrobe, but also demanding respect on their night gazebos. She has certain ideas of what their clothes for the night must look like. Modern sleepwear should be sophisticated and comfortable, but a lady wants to look in the evening and at night also as attractive, as during the day. She want to feel comfortable and contributes an important part of the clothing. At night, this is no different. Finest materials make night dresses, what they should be: pleasant companion through the night.

Sleepwear is there not just to sleep! A seductive negligee is used on some atmospheric evenings, before a more comfortable Pajamas is attracted to going to sleep. Perhaps the Lady selects also a Nightgown to sleep. It must be a decision of principle was not always, whether a woman pajamas or prefers Nightgowns. Why she leave that not their respective mood or situation – and also the night temperatures? The Lady of the world is as variable, if dressing gowns come in the game. In the morning they moved quickly about the Pajamas or the Nightgown, and the Lady of the House for the early time of the day is correct and still comfortably dressed. An elegant Lady always knows how to dress and put their high mold also on their night gazebos. Finest materials and comfortable cuts for pyjamas, Nightgowns, dressing gowns and night dresses make much a long night more enjoyable. A negligee is characterized also by a feminine effect and a fine fabric (silk, satin).


This fall you don’t recover from them, new accessories arrive with strength to transform your most current looks. They may give a new twist to your basic garments and update them to the new trends. Different outfits only with a little touch without effort. A scarf to put a sympathetic note in your look, a hat british that we move to the London of the 1970s, the vintage of a knapsack touch or a die-cutting shoe will be some of the essentials that can not miss in your wardrobe this season. If you are one of those who will die for a relaxing getaway and need total disconnection, you sure you opt to spend your vacation in the mountains, and that is why we give you a list of key items that can not miss in your wardrobe to go with your intact style and accessories are at the height you’re. A pair of boots like that proposed by Officine Creative, a Prada Sweatshirt or a hat of Dsquared2, are some of the key items for this occasion.

Since that learned from small to tie you shoes, this has been a gesture that you’ve repeated millions of times. So you continue without losing custom and prove your skills by making loops, choose among the fifty pairs of shoes laces teach you with what you get. Patent leather, pony, Velvet e, even houndstooth. You’ll find many shapes and colours to dress your feet this season. Since the of vintage style of Church s, the classics of Alexander McQueen, Gucci, Bottega Veneta, or losbritish of Burberry or Camper to bet original Ursula Mascaro to delve into male shoemaking, thou shalt see with what you combine them, but we are sure that the result will be a success.

The new season arrives and with it several celebrations and holidays. Bridges occur and become the perfect occasion for a short break and disconnect from day to day. The problem comes when making baggage; None like us carry with us large and inconvenient suitcases that complicate the trip. But for everything there is a solution, weekend bags range is very wide and they have enough space to carry with us what we will need in our short vacation. Classic style in leather, with fun prints, on canvas or with padded fabrics, all signatures dare to relaunch and reinvent their own version of this practical bag that will make us the easy way.

Video Without Boundaries! The New Model In The Series MP4 Players With Direct Wasp

TM ASSISTANT announces a new model in the line of MP4 players with 2.4-inch diagonal display, which also adds to the MP4 player range with playing pryamopotokovogo video! Actually, what's the Video is different from its predecessors, You probably already asked yourself this question. The answer: Video plays all possible formats of video files, so you can forget about the need to convert movies – searching for a converter of the conversion process and investment of time on all this. Just select on your computer any movie, take the supplied cable to the player, and download from your PC to the MP4 movies and video player, and then just enjoy watching any convenient place for you! Also of note is the player design – Video has a stylish ultra-slim body in black (size 94h50h11mm player) than it favorably with their counterparts, as well as a color 2.4-inch 262K display. Sensitive touch pad controls and menus are intuitive enough player that makes it convenient and easy to use player without even having to study the manual (although reading it for additional all the same functions should be). Many additional features, such as radio and recording capability, voice recorder, e-books, different equalizer settings, make Video more convenient to use! Functions player AM-246 Video: 2.4 "262K (240 x 320 pixels) display, 320 x 240 Audio formats: MP3, WMA, WAV, FLAC, APE, ADPCM Supported video formats: AVI (Xvid), RMVB, MP4, WMV, RM, FLV Support image formats: GIF, JPG, BMP Built-in Flash Memory FM radio (87.5MGts – 108MHz) Recording Mode Support from radio stations the effect of 3D surround Function Call Recorder e-book reader Multilingual interface Mini USB port Supports removable memory cards Micro SD 7 EQ modes Compatible with: Vista and MAC OSX and lithium-polymer battery Complete Player AM-246 Video: Digital MP4 Player AM-246 Video Manual Stereo headphones USB cable AC / DC adapter Carrying Case for MP4 player