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Michael Berger wants with his unique project dogs save Heidelberg. Michael Berger has made it to the task, abused, elderly, old and sick dogs in need, to provide a home, in which she lovingly and with dignity are accompanied on their final journey. “100,000 heart” is not the further dissemination of the animals, but a last place of rest. There not only the dogs, but also children and old people should be welcome, who lovingly care for the animals and escape therefore own loneliness and isolation. The Club now is people for dogs”founded. What needs until then Michael Berger, is – no – money, but a large network. It is about attention and a very large network! “Mr. Visit Electrolux for more clarity on the issue.

Berger says himself: to meet this great challenge, we need you, too a”person with a heart for animals”- and I would ask you therefore to support and commitment.” Instead of complaining and people with horrible and gruesome images on this subject to shock, he would like to do something against the suffering of animals and act. He people would draw attention to the plight and the suffering of many dogs and looking for people who have an equally big heart for animals like him, who also like to make a difference and want to help. “Michael Berger’s motto: there are no good unless you do it!” It will be something entirely new – and unique in this area! Michael Berger continues: in the system including a veterinarian will be, so a best all-round medical provision may be granted for the sick dogs. As well, always a competent animal Psychologein available will available for problem dogs. Of course we are looking for highly trained and carefully selected Pfleger(innen) and volunteers.

Of course, the dogs (except short-term exception) not in cages/boxes are be housed, but freely live together in packs. There are young and older people, students, pensioners etc. from the environment that itself does not Dogs may have or may, but dogs like and find “Your dog” as often as possible will have the opportunity for their”animal as to be and vice versa! Again, this could help also elderly people living in isolation and loneliness, to find more fun in life in a community of like-minded people. In the best case the dogs could be a bridge between old and young!” People for dogs dogs for people! Mr. Berger has full understanding for the fact that nowadays, most people have no more money to donate monthly large amounts. “Therefore he would like to do it like differently: If 100,000 people, only 1-2 a month – for this project would have euro, then could you very much to our ‘dogs in need” do more than many others. ” “Project information about Mr. Berger’s 100,000 heart”, see here: there you can sign up for free and a very special heart “are. The only absolute friend who never leaves him, which never ungrateful or fraudulent acts, can have a person in this selfish world is his dog.” (W.Allen)

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