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A Training Place?

Vocational Academy in Cologne starts in October 2009 for the occupations of media merchants digital media commercial training and there are print and merchants for marketing communications at the Berufsakademie of bm education in media called still free places. Start date of the three-year training is October 19, 2009. An 18-month practical training period is part of the course, which concludes with the examination before the IHK Cologne. Young people aged 18 and over have the experienced Cologne education institution bm education in media called the possibility, still in this year her dream job one step closer to come and start a solid and qualified commercial training. “The bm provides the two exciting and comprehensive job descriptions in the media merchants” and merchants for marketing communication “the practical business know-how as well as a basic insight into the production of media products. With the training, the participants as experts for use in agencies, qualify Service companies and marketing departments of large companies and organizations. You observe and analyze market situations, advise clients and develop advertising and marketing concepts. The focus of their activities is the Organization and production of advertising materials, planning and costing of budget.

They plan, advise and manage all business processes in media companies. Applicants should have a middle school and inspired for organizational, creative and structured work. Interested send your application by E-Mail to: for more information, see. An info event will take place on 25 September at 15:00 in the bm, Bishop Road 48-50 in Cologne.

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