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This fall you don’t recover from them, new accessories arrive with strength to transform your most current looks. They may give a new twist to your basic garments and update them to the new trends. Different outfits only with a little touch without effort. A scarf to put a sympathetic note in your look, a hat british that we move to the London of the 1970s, the vintage of a knapsack touch or a die-cutting shoe will be some of the essentials that can not miss in your wardrobe this season. If you are one of those who will die for a relaxing getaway and need total disconnection, you sure you opt to spend your vacation in the mountains, and that is why we give you a list of key items that can not miss in your wardrobe to go with your intact style and accessories are at the height you’re. A pair of boots like that proposed by Officine Creative, a Prada Sweatshirt or a hat of Dsquared2, are some of the key items for this occasion.

Since that learned from small to tie you shoes, this has been a gesture that you’ve repeated millions of times. So you continue without losing custom and prove your skills by making loops, choose among the fifty pairs of shoes laces teach you with what you get. Patent leather, pony, Velvet e, even houndstooth. You’ll find many shapes and colours to dress your feet this season. Since the of vintage style of Church s, the classics of Alexander McQueen, Gucci, Bottega Veneta, or losbritish of Burberry or Camper to bet original Ursula Mascaro to delve into male shoemaking, thou shalt see with what you combine them, but we are sure that the result will be a success.

The new season arrives and with it several celebrations and holidays. Bridges occur and become the perfect occasion for a short break and disconnect from day to day. The problem comes when making baggage; None like us carry with us large and inconvenient suitcases that complicate the trip. But for everything there is a solution, weekend bags range is very wide and they have enough space to carry with us what we will need in our short vacation. Classic style in leather, with fun prints, on canvas or with padded fabrics, all signatures dare to relaunch and reinvent their own version of this practical bag that will make us the easy way.

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