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In the composition of this article some theories and research had been considered as electronic documents and monographs. Confrontation of ideas between different authors was argued on the different concepts used for garbage, showing. Some are distinguished referring politics to the conservation of the environment, the solid residues and the ambient education, determinative factors for elaboration of this work. These are analyzed politics in national, federal, state and municipal the scope (Maracana). Having the objective to analyze the process of accumulation of the garbage in the urban ways of Maracana (CE) it was observed and it registered, first, the formation of some garbage points in the city. After that, with intention to consider action so that the population if acquires knowledge of its habits one searched alternative through questionings, getting itself solutions suggested for the proper community. The accomplishment and creation of programs or laws destined to the reduction or elimination of the garbage points must be intensified and be divulged in the city. Through the contribution and awareness of all, these programs or laws will get good results in the recovery of areas degraded for the accumulation of garbage. Word-key: solid residues, ambient education, ambient politics.

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