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Advertising On Transport

At first glance, advertising on land transport – a thing profitable. Brightly painted trolley buses, streetcars and cars moving around the city, caught the eye of more people than static billboards with 'Outdoor advertising. " But as a rule, on-board advertising is used only by large companies. It is not just that they have a solid advertising budgets. Let's look at what it costs to such advertising and that it can give enterprise. Outset that we will not go into details of advertising on transport in general, ie discard the nuances of such advertisements for food products, banking services, etc. We are interested in the promotion of goods and services associated with building market, and that's discuss this in more detail.

We consider several variants of advertising on public transport: 1. For the brand 2. For building materials store 3. For a firm that offers services in the area construction (eg, finishing) for brand advertising on transport can help solve several problems: n raise awareness of TM; n to increase consumer loyalty to TM; n to help its dealers and representatives to increase sales. Especially if you specify coordinates in advertising representatives; n enhance advertising effects on consumers of other types of advertising (if TM "hangs" on bigboards in the same city, and on several busy routes and travel trolley trams to the same subject, remember that TM will be easier. Advertising fairy tale: Once a man himself, who had to pack paint. And sent his wife to paint. Went man to distant lands (well, he did not know where a good paint are sold, the bad, the wife said, back home will not start!).

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