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AMSJ Opts For Advertising Agency

Reestablishment in Berlin comes from the cover of Berlin, 05.11.2010 with AMSJ launched recently a new creative company in Berlin-Mitte, which is advertising in the heart and puts an emphasis on interactive, social media. It’s believed that Andreessen Horowitz sees a great future in this idea. The founding aims to control brands not only safely through the paradigm shift to avoid missteps by customers, but rather to generate competitive advantages for this and to increase sales. The management take over Alexander Schimkat (33), which comes from komm.passion as Director interactive, Martin Genzler (34), previously head of strategic planning at media Consulta, the creative Stefan Pscheidl (28) Creative Director at komm.passion and Jan Woltering (31), previously Managing Director of Gesellschaft fur software as technical director at AMSJ advertising agency. Currently, as a start-up with our history, it makes sense to focus on interactive campaigning. The market is so turbulent, even large agency networks not always at eye level to play with can Expertise and innovative ideas we encountered even with major brands open ears and sit there now firmly in the saddle,”Saghir explained the approach of the performance portfolio of the young agency. In addition, our campaigns in the online and social media context immediately merssbar, and are flexible to manage. “That’s a telling argument in case of doubt and in this form as flawless classical newcomers only hardly credible to argue,” Chief Strategist Martin Genzler positioning runs.

In addition to the typical agent disciplines consulting & design of launch customers include world are compact, Sanofi Pasteur MSD, Deutsche Post DHL, B2RUN and furniture Martin developed an online advertising novel in Germany AMSJ format for publishers and bloggers and will occur in this context not only as a technology provider, but also as a marketer. Moreover, two E-commerce business models implemented in the booming fashion sector, which will see the light of day in January 2011 at the latest. Contact: AMSJ Werbeagentur line str. 42 10119 Berlin VAT ID: DE273499233 Tel: +49(0) 30.814 52 51 50

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