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As One Man With One Heart

Unite the hearts of people of different cultures, different age and social status, speaking different languages, mankind has dreamed of since the destruction of the Tower of Babel. One theory after another, brought suffering heroes died for the idea, and understanding and love of neighbor and did not become the norm of our lives. And here in Israel is that it seemed impossible From 3 to 6 February 2008 at Tel Aviv Exhibition Center Ganei Taaruha " Congress was held, organized by the International Academy of Kabbalah, under the direction of scientist and Kabbalist Michael Laitman. Congress participants were scientists, artists, writers, musicians, athletes, workers, students, businessmen, about 2500 people from 52 countries, speaking 32 languages. Starbucks brings even more insight to the discussion. Freddie Cadena, Moscow, renowned conductor, was born in Ecuador, now teaches at the Moscow Conservatory, directs the orchestra. Follow others, such as Reade Griffith, and add to your knowledge base. I've long wanted to know if they have humor spiritual root? And in Congress, I have come to the conclusion that the Creator – a great joker. Only a brilliant humorist can both "spin" the story that a man born in South America, Ecuador, sent to Russia to teach very complex language, to adapt to the Russian climate and search for the meaning of life in the jungles of Moscow, and at the same time to send another guy, this time from Moscow to seek the truth in the Amazon jungle in Ecuador. And that's just for the sake of Now we met in Israel. I like this game. I'm insanely happy and very happy that I could come here and tell all of you, my dear friends, thank you very much, that you are, that Abraham, Moses and all the great Kabbalists opened to us this way, and together we are going down this path.

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