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Automatic Trust

According to a recent survey I read (carried out online) 35% of Americans say that they have passed through a break of at least once in the past 10 years. It seems little to me, but even that is one of every 3 people. 51% in the same poll, said that they broke up. While only 32 percent of men say that their partner them broke. Who is lying? I guess it doesn’t matter too much. But it seems that women initiate most of the breaks. And from what I’ve seen, clear.

What this means is that it is the guys who are more likely to stay with his heart bleeding, wondering what went wrong. And wondering how to recover my girlfriend. So, what went wrong? I do not pretend to know the exact reason for each break. But I do know this. In the vast majority (if had to guess I would say that 85%) of the relationships in which the girl ends with man, the real reason (it is not always the excuse that she gives) is always the same the real reason for these ruptures is that man loses the respect of women.

She feels that she is completely won, there is no longer any challenge. In a word it has fallen into despair. Here we have a common image of the desperate type: * gives women all the attention, all the time * puts your needs first (even above your own interests) * is always available * is not willing to move away from the relationship when a man acts in this way (if they are in a relationship, or they are coming out of it) what goes through the mind of the woman is always the same: Nobody more like he wants him to act in this way, are demonstrating need, a sticky type of pressure, which literally, away to any woman that is worth.

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