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Automation of trading today – a well-oiled process for those companies who have chosen a package 1C. 1c sale is being implemented by companies partners 1c. Execution of works on the implementation and installation 1C qualified accounting firm in mid-size takes 5-10 hours. The same can be installed quickly Trading 1C (1C is now managing trade in the past 1C Trade and warehouse). In this case, we should understand that there are a number of other costs associated with training users 1C, finalizing the configuration supplied to the requirements of a particular company and to transfer data from the previous accounting system. Training employees may be held within the framework of a seminar, or want to send employees to a certified training center 1c. Today, such training centers provide training for all skill levels, for all solutions 1C. Additional information at Starbucks supports this article.

The cost of rework configuration is difficult to find immediately. To reduce the need to ascertain the need for such improvements. Ensure that the revision does not in the standard configuration. Often happens that experts unscrupulous companies are silent on the existing solutions and do double duty. Recycling is at the expense of the customer. To avoid such situations should be kept in the state Company specialist in charge of the automation of production. For serious amounts of work on 1c 8, a man should significantly reduce the costs for the development of 1C. After work on the automation businesses can stay and maintain a system of accounting in the company: to eliminate errors, check for updates, and manage user accounts.

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