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Have not noticed, is not reached and left the site. Most likely, his attention was distracted by some visual accents – whether bright coloring pages, whether the abundance of graphics, animation effects That's why when placing data on the site carefully to think about the concentration visiting the web resource persons on priority items. In designing websites pomposity disastrous development of high technology has made possible a variety of experiments in design of network resources. Often these capabilities of modern designers are used not for the benefit primarily the work of perceiving the object as a space for expression, as the art of creating unusual. It is easy to assume that the client first and foremost Still interested in the effectiveness of the site as a tool for doing business and only secondarily – its artistic value. The popular notion of "creative design", "creativity" in fact sometimes is not enough well defined. In fact, nobody did not really know what the criteria of the most "creative", although the expression is used by many.

But in the absence of a clear concept of the design elements may be in conflict with implementation of the main goals of the site, with the availability of its functions. Importantly – to remember that the task developer – to make user interaction with the final product fast and convenient. This is the same – and the main task of the resource owner, since for errors it will have to pay out of own pocket.

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