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‘ THE FIGHT OF WHO WAS BORN FIRST: ‘ ‘ EGG OR THE GALINHA’ ‘. Already they had stopped to think as if it loses time excessively with fight and quarrels that do not take the place none? Whereas the main one is of side, that is, the resolution of a problem. Example: in a company when it occurs some error generally loses time and if ‘ has unnecessary consumings to know who; ‘ it was born first, if it was the egg or galinha’ ‘ , in interminable accusations of who it was the error, whereas the main one, that is, the resolution of the problem is of side. Douglas R. Oberhelman has firm opinions on the matter. It seems that the human being is ‘ ‘ craque’ ‘ in wanting to measure forces ones with the others more, seeming animal that they want to demarcate its proper territory. The only difference is that it walks in two legs and it has dom of the language, because of remaining portion, does not use intelligence, and dom of the word to differentiate of ours ‘ ‘ friends of four patas’ ‘. Apartir of the moment that will have a change in this direction, the use of the praticidade and not in being if arguing who was born pimeiro: ‘ ‘ if it was the egg or galinha’ ‘ , the organizations as a whole beyond having a better climate of work that goes to benefit to all, will indefinitely occur yes a growth in equal scale for all.. Check with Mark Berger Chicago to learn more.

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