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Cardiac Insufficience

ARTERIAL HIPERTENSO the number of cases of people who present the arterial hipertenso has increased to each year. Approximately 23.3% of the Brazilians present the case of arterial hipertenso according to given of the Health department. The arterial pressure is the pressure that the blood carries through against the sanguineous vases or the resistance that these vases carry through for the ticket of the blood. . When this pressure reaches values above of the considered one (140/90 mmHg) is called Arterial Hipertenso. When passing of the years we suffer with an alteration called arteriosclerose, where the sanguineous vases suffer reduction from its capacity of elasticity and increase the peripheral vascular resistance, making with that the cardiac muscle more is requested. The arterial hipertenso can be of idioptica cause, where the cause of the pathology is not known or can have the life habits, as it estresse, level of physical activity, type of feeding and also which had the genetic factors, age and race. The development of hipertenso is related with the sprouting of other illnesses, as Insufficience Renal, Cardiac Insufficience, Injury of the Endotlio (Wall of the Vases of Sanguineous), that it among others favors for the formation of plates of ateroma alterations.

Some recommendations are proposals so that the risk to develop the arterial hipertenso, as good habits of life. To be always practising physical exercises, to have a balanced feeding and to reduce the episodes of estresse reduce the probability to develop the arterial hipertenso. The practical one of physical exercises has been a writ of prevention and therapeutical very recommended. Many studies prove the hipotensor effect of the exercise. The exercise exerts a dilatador effect of the sanguineous vases, reducing the peripheral vascular resistance and reducing the arterial pressure. Another benefit of the exercise is the alteration of the corporal composition, as the reduction of the weight fat person. But so that this effect is optimized it is necessary that the practical one is frequent and regular. It has good habits of life and it improves its quality of life.

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