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Change In Trade… Wine Will Eat More And More Often Bought On The Internet

The former shop “Ars Vivendi” is one of the most successful online wine shops on the Internet today. Anno 1988. from the passion for good wines has been a hobby and a profession then. A journey into the Burgundy has the (Professional)-live from Petra and Rudiger Schmidt completely changed. With a couple of boxes, wine, only for personal enjoyment, she returned in the east Westphalian province. Proudly and with the fresh “imported” wines, friends about the great journey of wine were informed… long story – short, the friends were also a “couple” of bottles of gutenTropfen.

So we contacted the previously visited wineries in Burgundy and ordered a total of 120 bottles of the delicious wet (Domaine Pierre Guillemot in F-21420 Savigny-les-Beaune). These were passed, among friends without charge. After a short time requests from acquaintances arrived our friends but with the request for supplies. From the moment the first bottles with profit were sold. In the same year was the “commercial wine shop” logged in.

Things take their course… from the basement business grows a regional specialist for wine and spirits under the name “Ars-Vivendi wine import”. In a short time friends and acquaintances are not only supplies, but also the regional gastronomy. In 1998, 10 years after its founding, went as one of the first wine merchant online “Ars-Vivendi wine import” and presented its wines on the Internet. The success was not long in coming, the turnover has tripled innerhal by 2 years. Today, the classic-Wine-Shop.de is one of the most prestigious online-shop’s wine and exclusive gifts in Germany. In addition to many magazines, also the BAMS (Bild am Sonntag) has the classic Wine Shop.de, in a comparison in the year 2007 of the best online-wine shop’s, presented. The post was submitted by: Petra Hemker

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