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China Market

In recent years we had some important changes in the leadership of the automobile global market. After the fall of GM and of the American market, we attend Toyota to assume the position of leader in ranking of the biggest manufacturers. We saw in this first decade of the new century, China to assume the condition of producing greater of vehicles of the planet, being desbancando the sovereignty of the Americans. the changes had not been for there. For the first time, also, we testify the eastern block, led for Japan, China and Korea, to assume the leadership in the production of automachine vehicles. Condition this, that during all the last century belonged to the block occidental person.

Coming back the marks, changes continue occurring in from above part of the table of the great constructors, in part, fortified for partnerships, joint venture, merger and acquisitions. Moreover, the main marks are destining voluminous investments in the markets most expressive aiming at magnifying of market share. In the last week, during NOTHING, in Orlando, the United States, I attended a presentation of president and CEO of Volkswagen, Stefan Jacoby in which it said that the mark is placing weighed investments in the market American North to reach the goal to produce 800 a thousand annual units up to 2018. The investments come exactly at the moment where Volkswagen starts to give signals of recovery in that market.

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