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If you have your money invested in mutual funds, or you don’t know even whether to invest in these, you will here resolve doubts most common on this type of common heritage. One of the most common questions is as follows: is it possible that you as an investor reembolses your participation in the Fund at any time? To which we respond that it is possible, always bearing in mind your recruitment and clear, the days that are considered as working hours (in the majority of the managing entities on weekends are not considered business days). On the other hand, you can ask yourself what is the withholding tax in the case of reimbursing investment partially or totally; What we tell you that retention is currently 18% rescued holdings. Many more wonder if no cost, and in effect investment funds can be transferred so it is, not previously deleted the fiscal toll payment; the only thing that is important to consider is that these funds are part of the CNMW. You will have to continue paying taxes to increase your participation? So, but such taxes will have to pay them until the day on which such participations you reembolses, here is an advantage for you as an investor.I hope that you’ve addressed some of your questions and that you continue opting to invest your money in this type of instruments, which are quite beneficial for those people who decide to invest in the long term.

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