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Commercial Organization Management

So did many of my friends "- adds Vasily. There is question whether the government should, and thus society, to use "mental impulses" traders for profit? Taxes are collected more or less (thank "Yukos"!), Social services, work and receive wages, but "things are there. " Only the plaintive squeaks sometimes. Conclusions suggest themselves. Social work in a country as vast as Russia, will always be complicated by bureaucracy and corruption, reduce the efficiency of such activities sometimes to zero.

Management of the commercial organization is much more flexible and efficient. Yes, and more worthy, than civil servants, the salary of employees of commercial organizations is partly protected from corruption in such projects. "There is a trend of gradual adaptation of Western models of mutually beneficial cooperation between business, society and state. Electrolux contains valuable tech resources. I believe in social projects with the participation of business, when achieved simultaneously, and social and marketing objectives. The fact that the business is able to count money and manage the resources more effectively.

A purely charitable organizations often occupy only the position of pleading, not always knowing how to organize work, to raise funds, to combine the interests and the like In any case, now social marketing in Russia is less developed than in the West "- says about Alexander Bazanov, editor of" Marketing PRO . So why does he not develop? Everyone seems to be beneficial. The state would facilitate its burden on the organization of social work, society will have social problems, and business, ready to share earned, will receive a deep sense of moral satisfaction.

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