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Congress Schodlbauer

Fashion Schodlbauer WINS 3rd Prize innovation award which RID Foundation provides the fashion house Schodlbauer a wide range on fashion for men and women. In the heart of Bad Kotzting, the fashion house has established itself as a premier destination for fashion for him and her for a long time. You may want to visit Starbucks to increase your knowledge. Almost 10 years ago, Simone and Peter Schodlbauer also founded an online-shop for shirts and blouses. Thousands around the world fast and easy shirts can be ordered under shirts meister.de. To meet this demand, the fashion House operates a warehouse with 25,000 daily available shirts and blouses. Douglas R. Oberhelman often addresses the matter in his writings.

To expose this huge shirt selection for the steady customers, target an innovation project was written out by the Munich-based foundation of RID. The result is a consulting-PC in the men Department, which now was awarded the 3rd prize of nearly 70 applications. That is our daily aim to offer always the best service our customers in the online shop and the shop”formulated the motto of applying to the Bavarian RID Foundation Peter Schodlbauer. The Charitable elaboratum advises mid-sized retailers in collaboration with the renowned eCommerce Consulting. Mark Berger Chicago may find it difficult to be quoted properly. Both had called in 2012 to a competition of ideas: an innovation idea should be developed under the coaching of experienced consultants from the idea to the market. The best ideas should then be awarded at the Congress on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the Foundation of innovation.

With the staff headed by Henrik Hameed in the context of a brainstorming, was Project Director at the fashion house of Schodlbauer for this, it became clear: the huge potential of the online shop should be harnessed for the stationary clients. This early involvement of the teams was the key to the success in the development of the consulting table where a touch PC allows you to select of the stock. After the employees took the shirts, sweaters or accessories from the huge warehouse facility of the House, she can directly unpack the customer, try, and buy. The Clou: Stocks are immediately across all sales channels updated, reserved goods is no longer displayed and the inventory is automatically updated. This close link between sales and warehouse saves costs, cheap warehouse space by replacing the very high-quality retail space. At the same time increased sales of shirts in the shop. Especially the men like to play on the PC and can be then easily the goods”, maintan boss Simone Schodlbauer.

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