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Corrosion Protection

The destruction of metal and concrete structures under the influence of corrosion – a question that worries many. How not to make the wrong choice to rust? What does the modern market of corrosion protection? Many years research in this area led to the emergence of Ceram-Kote – two-component ceramic coating on the basis of a special composition of epoxy resins. It consists of inert ceramic microparticles, each of which enclosed in a resin that provides a very dense and elastic layer with great stamina. Learn more at this site: Jonas Samuelson. For a short time a unique material Ceram-Kote conquered consumers around the world, and this is the explanation. Ceram-Kote coating is very easy to application – if you want you can even apply by roller or brush. Moreover, in contrast to many analogues, Ceram-Kote does not require priming the surface – it is applied directly to metal.

This leads to a decrease in time and money and significantly increase productivity. As a result, coverage was cheaper foreign-LC system by 16,7%, and more native to 6,5%. Durability pleasant surprise: Corrosion Paint Ceram-Kote is from two to five times longer than conventional paint systems with the same thickness. The advantages of Ceram-Kote also include: high strength adhesion to the surface (adhesion), impact resistance, abrasion and chemical influences, very good elasticity and low moisture permeability (up to 100 times smaller than conventional paint systems with equivalent thickness). Ceram-Kote coating is certified and authorized for use in tanks with drinking water. It is safe for the environment, as it contains no solvents. For decades, the coating protects the plant and equipment of oil, gas and chemical industry, shipbuilding, aviation and Instrumentation. Ceram-Kote also used in power plants, sanitation systems, mining, food and paper industries.

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