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Current Reality

There are numerous SMEs around the world. The development of SMEs has had an astonishingly accelerated growth in recent decades and the way in which the different economic and social conditions are developing promises a very encouraging future for SMEs. There are numerous benefits associated with the existence of a SMEs especially them linked to the ease of adaptation that these companies may have in regards to your size easily manageable and adaptable to different conditions and needs of the market in each of the different moments of time. Today nobody can deny that there is a growing need for rapid change and adaptation as a condition of survival extremely essential. SMEs operating as a solid foundation for the larger companies, being able to carry out the production of a series of much-needed products to enable large companies to give compliance to their main tasks. So that it is clearly verifiable at present there is a high number of conventions concluded between small companies and others larger. In regards to the financing of SMEs, these companies have a moment in which most Governments around the world seek to foster and encourage its growth and it is therefore that together with banks of different nature are made agreements with the previously mentioned purpose.

Is why the access to finance is one of the factors you might say SMEs today have almost resolved. Finally a fundamental aspect in SMEs is the close link which exists at the level of interpersonal relationships within the company. On one side the figure of the owner is a very prominent and representative figure mixing with the figure of the administrator. At the same time by the volume of the companies and the scarce Homer of people working is that necessary generates a high degree of interrelation between each of those who are part of structure and organization of the company. We are the portal for doing business to the wholesale, where SMEs are greater opportunities to expand their businesses..

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