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When one analyzes the most common mistakes that lead to the entrepreneur to failing, we see that these errors arise from our perception of business and each of these errors can be avoided by us, achieving in this way develop a business on multilevel segment that will allow us to achieve our goals and dreams. Network marketing is one of the alternatives of revenue extras of higher growth in the last 10 years. The disadvantage that has this industry is that the mistakes are made very easily, regardless of that corporation or level you are, these are 12 mistakes that can lead you to failure, learn to identify them and avoid them. 1. Residual income without a job.

Today there is so much garbage on the internet that many understand that you can generate income without working. All serious business requires leadership and this is achieved with the example and continuous training. Any business that promise me to make me rich without training, products or services that move, I close the door. 2 Recruit any prospectus. Everyone could do it but they do not all have the reason for doing so. 3 The business potential.

90% Of people not displayed the business potential and therefore do not provide the care and dedication that deserve these concepts. 4. Do not follow the system. Humility is vital in this industry. Think that you know everything and eliminate the basic steps will take you to have a weak structure. These concepts have been tested, successful first and then innovate. 5 Result No action, training and knowledge is not important as you apply it. Universities are full of theorists who have nothing to show that he endorses their knowledge. Information is not enough, it is the action that produces results. 6 I am getting ready to be prepared. The concepts of multilevel successes have support teams to help start the business in your first week and giving you support so you generate revenue in the first month.

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