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For some, this maybe is a question for others even a necessity! Hanover. The offensive starts founder 50 plus fresh wind”by. The reasons behind why people – take the step into self-employment at the 50 -, are manifold. Where the supposedly old is”one generation from the birth strong vintages on economic challenges. The initiator of founding 50 plus, Dipl.

social host Ralf Sange white: all Foundation people 50 plus (50 years) have one together: they want to actively take their professional lives into their own hands. “You trust on their, their own life and vocational skills, which make up their personal, individual profile”. For some, it comes to realize the long-cherished desire for self-determination through their planned independence. For others, the background is to deal out with independence from a threat or already experienced unemployment. But also, for example women the After a long time family management”no adequate employment find, seek an alternative to see a return to working life. The career idea rather plays a minor role. Indeed, the desire for protection using the collected food and experience for a meaningful, to sense ambient work on an economically trag – and resilient basis, also with the idea of personal pensions but is a basic motivation.

The professional backgrounds are doing wide-ranging. “” From the perspective of Heinrich Scheuerlein, partner of the social business project founder 50 plus “goes far more than to time look it to the parties concerned and interested and look”. At the last info event in Hanover in March 2012 15 participants gathered, their keen interest to self-employment was palpable. It turned out that the Group’s questions concentrated on three main areas. To know more about this subject visit Douglas R. Oberhelman. First the need was for information such as: what personal,. do I need technical and formal foundations, make me self-employed? Is my business idea even feasible? There is State or other funding opportunities that help me to implement my business idea? The demographic change is certainly one of the reasons for an army of people who want to reorient as affected. The population in Germany is age 30 years in the next, based on the strong birth years in the 1960s. On the other hand, companies in the industry optimize their workforce. Despite appeals, the politics and trade unions, it seems companies supposedly better, if they provide flexible working arrangements (temporary employment), relocation abroad and the skimming of academics in the foreground. Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), which place emphasis not only on profits, but on a healthy mix of age structure are popular as figureheads of policy especially just before State and federal elections.

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