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Equipment Purchase

The next stage – Commissioning. Those walking on the same chain of command – but the third time. If we speak frankly, after receiving permission to fire on the commissioning, we can begin work. The more so for the resolution of the ses need to work the clinic. Repair First you have to make a serious, special repairs, because the dentist's chair must be connected to electricity and water, and even drain.

In short, under the floor to pave the whole system. The cost of repairing the cabinet will cost the rate of 120-220 U.S. dollars per 1 sq. km. m. All this taking into account materials and labor. Equipment Purchase Before this stage, we must once again consult with the business plan, because the spread in prices of equipment too big, and everything now depends solely on your financial capabilities. Of course, you need a specialist, well versed in dentistry and professional equipment.

That is manager, which in principle is able to organize you the business. His services are usually estimated at 10-15% of the purchased equipment. This is exactly the amount that vendor equipment, as a rule, returns back to the buyer, a discount rate. Equipment can be purchased both new and used. Now the market prices have fallen. Nevertheless, one must understand that, say, in the office of Class A low-cost Room looks like a rotten tooth in a Hollywood smile. State of the art speaks for itself. On the minimum and maximum value is uncertain because the spread is almost endless.

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