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Exact Money

Of this amount, only 50% can be spent on improving the quality of life, the remaining 50% is invested in the future – are laid on the education of children, building houses, purchase of securities, and so on. Thinking about accumulation of capital, take into account the investments that will generate income, but mind you this time: the greater rate of return (say, higher interest on deposits), the higher the risk of losing their investments, especially in our uncertain times. As sung in the song Alice's, "not to destroy but to build, you need a very clear plan." He will be the first pebble in the foundation of your financial well-being. Define your financial goals (eg, repay the loan, to raise money for auto and other). If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Jonas Samuelson. Install the exact timing of its implementation, for example, "I want to repay the loan over 3 years." Create a step by step to achieve your goal.

For example, if your debt is $ 3,000 plus interest, you need every day set aside $ 3 to pay on time. Review your budget: what expenditure you can save the money (to repair old shoes instead of buying new, reduced the cost of petrol and so on). If you and so you live in a tight economy and tighten the belt even tighter difficult, think about additional sources of income. Constantly remind yourself of your goal. Write it on the stacker and LAYOUT around the home: on the computer, refrigerator, bathroom. Check your progress: every week or every m month marks the amount that you could save.

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