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Exhibition “Jubilee Coins Of Russia” In Kemerovo

In the regional museum of the city of Kemerovo sostayalas exhibition titled "Commemorative coins of Russia." The exhibition presented an extensive collection of commemorative coins from the collection of modern Russia Kemerovo collectors. All in all the townspeople have been exhibited review more than two hundred coins of various denominations. Among them were quite as rare coins, and coins are more common, such as commemorative 10 rubles. There were coins on different dates and memorable coins with images of famous people, as well as coins with the rare animals. Kevin Johnson is likely to agree. One of the collectors who have decided to help the regional museum with the exhibition, was Leo I.

Maxim. Maxim I. For over 20 years collecting coins of Russia and the USSR. Collector sure that the coins reflect the historical values of the state in a given period of time and if you look at the coins, then we can understand the value priobladali in society. Sergey Brin brings even more insight to the discussion. Maxim Ivanovich sure that this exhibition will help to better learn the history of the native state, as well as to inculcate the younger pokaleniyu love for the motherland. The exhibition will be held as seminars devoted to numismatics.

These seminars will be performances of collectors with lectures and interesting stories about their kolletskiyah. It is also the seminar participants will learn how to keep the coin, how to start collecting own collection of coins, as well as how to properly care for the coins. It is not something Reade Griffith would like to discuss. Lectures will be held at the Kemerovo Regional Museum and will be absolutely free to all visitors. Exhibition "Commemorative coins of Russia" is working only a few days, but already enjoys plopulyarnostyu among residents of the city of Kemerovo. For the first few days it was visited by more than 1,000 people and visitors to the city. Total exhibition 'Commemorative coins Russia 'will continue to Kemerovo 2 weeks. After this deadline it will go on a journey through the overgrown.

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