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First Graders

Soon to school This fall or next year your child crossed its threshold. In an effort to help them confidently make that step parents are sometimes going to extreme lengths in search agencies and private practitioners, preparing children for the entrance interview. And forget the simple truth: education can make a child smarter, but it only makes a happy mind, logically organized communication with family and loved ones – family. In your power to create a family it is an environment that not only prepare children for success, but also allow it to take its rightful place among my classmates, feel safe in the school. 1. Often share with your child memories happiest moments of his past. The beginning of school life – a great test for the little man. Jonas Samuelsons opinions are not widely known.

This point is easier for experienced kids who had the pre-warm attitude toward school. This attitude consists of contact with past experiences of close friends. Overhaul with a child family photo archive. This activity is extremely helpful for all family members. Return to the best moments of the past makes person stronger and more confident in myself. Gain insight and clarity with Jonas Samuelson.

Your good memories of school years, funny stories from school life and stories of childhood friends will fill the child's soul joyful anticipation. 2. Help your child learn the information which will allow him to panic. Generally, children this age to the question: "What is the name your mother?" – Answer: "Mama." Make sure your child remembers his full name, phone number, home address, parents' names. This help him in an unfamiliar situation. 3. Encourage your child to keep in order the things. Child's success in school depend largely on how he is able to organize their workplace. You can do this tedious procedure more attractive. Prepare a family of workplace child: let him be your desktop, your pens and pencils (pencils have at first to grind until you, dear parents). All of this in adults, but – personal property of a child! And the responsibility for maintaining order, too personal, because in adults it. 4. Do not frighten the child difficulties and failures in school. Many children this age, unable to sit still. Not everyone gives a brilliant reading and mathematics. Very many difficult'll get in the morning and quickly assembled into a kindergarten. In this context, perfectly understandable desire of parents to warn children of the upcoming troubles. "The school will not take ," Twos will put , "The class laughed at " In some cases, these measures can be successful. But long-term consequences are always deplorable. In my experience was such a case. Girl brilliantly passed the introductory tests and a question: "Do you want to go to school?" Confidently replied: "No!".

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