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Fiscal Law

If confirmed it will be the fact, it is a crime of unharmed committed and kept fiscal responsibility. It is what &#039 says the Fiscal Law in its Art. 10; ' It constitutes crime of administrative improbity that cause injury to the state treasury any action or omission, fraudulent or guilty, that patrimonial loss tries, shunting line, appropriation, malbarateamento or embezzlement of the goods. .ou to have ' '. In this acquisition, according to Periodical in fact, (8/2/2007 p.2), the foreign capital withholds 64.9% of action (the vote does not have right, but it has of profits, that are the essential). The remaining portion conquest with the time, the status of ' ' multinacional' '.

The privatization, according to Leaf Online, 07/2007, is considered the greater case of corruption of history of the humanity. According to particular research, only Carajs, that had forecast of exploration per 400 years, – today fell for 200 due the speed and magnifying as the company is acting, valley more than US$ 1 trillion (after all, is 200 years of mineral exploration night and day! With revesamento of turns between the employees of the company. The Roman empire was condemned by bad polticosque, pledged in you intrigue and ganncias palacianas, had neglected of responsible bordering garrisons during centuries for keeping the Barbarians in the distance. Already in the case of the Brazilian Republic, the persistence in the corruption, it intrigues intern for the power transitrioe infiltrations of international interests on the national wealth it is a trend of ' ' risco' ' it saw ' ' lobismo' ' – politician of expropriation of our wealth. This is an ALERT one! WHO IS WITH THE PROFIT OF THE VALLEY? 64.90% Shareholding foreigners 31.60% shareholding Brazilians 3.3% – Participation of the government Source: Brazil in fact, 09/2007. CONSEQUNCIA OF THE PRIVATIZATIONS Social tensions, misalignment and conflicts in the Carajs region where if it locates the biggest ore reserve of iron of the world.

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