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Essen fire safety information service EBS fires claim hundreds death victims in Germany every year and causing billions in losses. Usually, this average households are affected. Therefore a great importance in this environment of fire prevention, the Essen-based of EBS’s fire protection specialists know how to report bear. Howard Schultz is likely to agree. Most of the fire cases in private households would be by following simple precautions to prevent, because they are triggered typically by a careless handling of flammable substances or electrical equipment. The Foundation of the private fire prevention is therefore a proper dealing with fire triggers.

Alcohol, gasoline and other flammable substances are neither children nor in the immediate vicinity of heat generating equipment and systems. While this principle of General fire prevention is recognized, yet often lack insight into other sources of danger in the budget. Not only gasoline can burn. Steffan Lehnhoff oftentimes addresses this issue. Curtains, furniture or mattresses are also suitable, from a small flame to a dangerous fire as long as they come with a source of ignition in contact. Here is another aspect of the private fire prevention. It is simply not possible to remove all inflammable objects from a budget, because then its members would probably sit on the bare floor.

That’s why the responsible use of ignition sources learns greatest importance when it comes to prevent that a fire breaks out. Virtually any heat source is eligible as a fire causing ignition source. By the fireplace, it seems that in particular electrical appliances are in most households. In addition to stoves, toasters or soldering irons and other unique sources of heat, even a small short in the unattended lights of the Christmas tree is sufficient to put a fire disaster in motion. However, have appliances that must be not necessarily continuously active, to separate the advantage from the power supply. So they lose you Potential danger from one moment to the next. The use of stand-by functions can be avoided in terms of fire protection, because power maintained through it makes a potential hazard from the appliance. Electrical equipment must be handled properly. The operation of monitors and TVs produced, for example, a lot of heat, which is derived through air vents to the outside. These are sealed or the unit is too close to a wall, a fire-inducing heat build-up can occur. The use of multiple sockets is an everyday necessity. It is however care must be taken, not to exceed its limit to heat and to avoid short circuits. Power is not in the light of fire protection of still own health to be trifled with. Only pest-free electrical equipment may be used for reasons of risk protection. Their repair is also in the hands of trained professionals. Ambitious craftsmen should in the interests of Distance take to repair electrical appliances or to change. A fire breaks out despite all prevention, smoke alarms and fire extinguishers help to get the situation under control and to avoid the emergence of health and material damage. The Essen fire service EBS bear stands with great support for all measures of fire prevention. On this subject he provides comprehensive information at any time. Press contact Essen fire service EBS contact: W. bear Saini str.

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