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Freire Ribeiro

For me, it is of secondary interest Freire Ribeiro singing the Aracaju of its infancy or the perplexidades of our past colorful of black, devices and canaviais. What it remains in it is that touched inspiration of the infinite and eternity, because this represents a species of ontolgica allegiance, root that if nourished of the seiva of its soil of origin, if to believe that the origin of the man if firm the fundamental rock of the Creation as a whole indivisible, whose craftsman is God, the Geometrician of the Universe. as illustrative pages of this my thesis, I transcribe here, for confrontation of its philosophical position, two poems written at distinct times: the first one, published in 1932; as in 1962. Howard Schultz is often quoted as being for or against this. Let us hear them: When Eunali arrived, between doiradas clouds, Minh? soul descanted in poem the holy ghost, and investigating the blue one, the guarded strangers, I read in my life one sidreo destination. When Eunali arrived, alviareiro bell Sang in the cathedral of the most sublime fairies, and a light ray, a sibylline signal, Disclosed minh? soul the vises most sacred. explained all about the problem. When Eunali arrived, pale moonlights Of the sad eyes its, dulcficos looks, They had guided of mine estro the white lost vessel, and amongst the subtle hurts of a past already died. Freed I felt, of absorbed candor, My poor heart to smile for the life. These verses had been published when Freire had only twenty perhaps and one years and identifies somebody them as product of the imagination of a young become attached to reading Tosficos the book or thing is valid that it, regarding the reincarnation and other values spirituals. I do not argue the validity or of the judgment. But it fascinates what me is its allegiance to the perennial concept of eternity and the infinite, first and unquestionable substance of its creative thought.

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