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Gonalves Days

Introduction ' ' The indians had been useful and here huge instrument of how much if praticoude. They are the beginning of all our things. They are them quederam the base for our national character, still badly developed and will be acoroa of our prosperity the day of its entire reabilitao.' ' Gonalves Days the first looks on the indians are delineated nosculo XVI. The first image concerning the aboriginals is told in the Letter of PeroVaz de Caminha to the Portuguese king. Mediums brown, nakeds, without thing some that covered them suasvergonhas. They brought arcs in the hands, and its arrows.

They came all rijamente emdireo to the vessel. Nicholas Rabbit made them signal that put the arcs. They had put down them to Eeles. But it could not of them have says nor agreement queaproveitasse, for the sea to break in the coast. It only hurled one to it barretevermelho and one carapua of hemp that led in the head, and a black sombreiro. (…) The feio of them is to be medium brown, one in such a way colored, of good faces ebons done noses, good.

They walk naked, without covering some. Nor they make more casode to hide or leaves to hide its shames of what to show the face. Concerning this they are of great innocence. Both brought the pierced beio of low emetido in it a true bone, of length of a hand crosspiece, and grossurade a cotton spindle, sharp in the tip as an awl. They put them for the part dedentro of the beio; the part that them is between the beio and teeth is made amodo of roque of chess. There brings incased it of luck that not them hurt, nor puts them nuisance in speech, nor in eating and drinking. 1 the citation above of Pero Vaz de Caminha makes the primeiradescrio concerning the heathen Brazilians.

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