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The scandals of all order had become recurrent in our country. the indignation of many was diminishing gradual to the measure that the facts you ultrahave supper had been if happening frequently, turning rice – of-party. Who folloies the life politics of the country knows that since always the social setbacks they happen and to the detainers of the consisting power the biggest filo for baderna against the ethics fits. But now people come across with the escancarado cynicism. It seems that the debauch is institutionalized. Visit Douglas Oberhelman for more clarity on the issue. Bribed representatives of the nation being, receiving mallets from money and hiding in the stockings, the underwears, the pockets, still cause engulhos, but he is something that comes if repeating since the beginning of our settling.

But what to say I hug of it, of the given hands, of the solemn act that if imposes at a conjunct moment? The Father Ours, bigger symbol of the Christianity, refrigrio at the misfortune moments, lullaby in the desperation hours or when purest gratefulness if makes necessary, had a scoffing, perverse, aviltante appropriation. The group of the coat and necktie in a demonic circle praid, thanked, mentioned the name of God of form never before imagined, confraternizaram itself in ecstasy, a joy macabro. All surrendered to the goodness of a john doe whom it obtained of skillful form the spurious grana with that they went to lucupletar itself still more. It is clearly that this is not privilege of Brazil, nor if restricts the current Government. I also find that the popular movement of repudiation all this mud sea would have to pass for the requirement of all reforms that if make necessary.

The system Brazilian politician is rotten has much time. It is not obtained to finish with the corruption without finishing with the situations that make possible the presence and the performance of the corruptor. It is in this direction that the reform politics if becomes urgent. It has of being ample, passing for the transparency of the campaigns, with limitation and spreading of the mounts of money and the origin of the same ones, well as a bigger care in relation to the former life of the candidates. much more of what this. Other countries had obtained, if not to finish, at least significantly diminishing the abuses of the power. In the year that comes we will have majoritrias elections again. I continue defending the Democracy, I continue finding that the vote still compensates, but is necessary much more of the popular participation. People can and must disclose themselves using the resources that we have, as the Internet, sending emails for the ministers, members of the house of representatives and it possible Presidente. to argumenter, to make proposals, to construct a citizenship in fact and of right. Who knows thus, ridicule and amoral conjunct of the gratuity more it does not happen. Or if to happen, that its adepts are processed and/or punished of truth. A country without serious laws, without an agile justice that punishes in the certain time, cannot arrive to be a respect nation.

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