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Hidden Objection

This will require 15-20 minutes. You when convenient meet: at the end of this week or beginning next? "The answer to the objection include: – Hidden compliment to the client (… I'm sure – they are worthy partners, if you choose them …) – Description of benefits for the client (… We'll help you expand the possibility of service that you already get, or at least, evaluate, whose services are better …) – Elements of choice of ready solutions (… you know when it is more convenient to meet: at the end of this week or the beginning next ?..). – Timing of the meeting (… It will require 15-20 minutes …) 2) What exactly do you suggest? "With this objection, the customer assumes that he has little time and he needs a specific reason why you want to meet and What could be more favorable to him.

If after this objection, you start really something to offer and this "something" it will seem to much interest, the meeting will not be. Therefore it is necessary to avoid direct proposals on the phone. This will help the following phrase: "We have a wide range of products! Accordingly, to make you a concrete proposal that fully meets your needs, we would like to meet in person, except that we are interested to learn. " Here, there and caring, and willingness to look for options that best suit the client. This is a benefit for the customer – given a little time to assess the specific and potentially interesting proposal.

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