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How To Make Your Website A Profitable Internet Business

Started in the adventure of founding an Internet company is not an easy task. At first we thought that everything is to write a few lines of code, test, and once everything works, people will visit, will like it and start making money. Unfortunately, this is not true. The most difficult task of making a profitable online business starts when the code ends. Why? Because at least the code depends on ourselves, our hands and our ideas, we can control (with more or fewer problems). But once we have to make our page is known as “the world” for the rest of the Internet … from there things we control them both. Come here to talk, then, web promotion, what we do to make this little boy who “have given birth and we are so proud faces the world and it is received well and all want to be his friends, exchange gifts, and when you play put note, we place a very high note. Others including Kevin Johnson, offer their opinions as well.

How do you get that? 1 – First, and before the page the last push to see the light, must be prepared to contain the right keywords. The key – domain – title – meta tags – body of the page (keyword density, prominence). – To use bold, italics, images alt 2 – Registration in search engines and business directories. 3 – Getting links – friends – exchange links – write articles – participating in forums – pay money to include a link, at least temporarily 4 – Google pagerank. Conclusions – Continuous improvement, dynamism, change the page, continually seek links – Do not despair, persevere – Make a monthly financial investment promotion

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