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Insect Protection Regulation

Regulations on the protection of the No.Natural resources formed a separate insect protection law against harmful insects in 1912, still in the old Austria below the Enns of the legal basis for combating the diverse common insect pests in the lower Austrian agriculture. This lower Austrian provincial law should form the basis for an efficient organisation of control measures within individual communities. An area was also the fight against the Blutlaus, Zwetschkenschildlaus, the Caterpillar nests, and the vine engraver as pests in agriculture. The insect protection Ordinance of 1925 was built on this law and executed this closer. This development will now be published in the series of LawLeaks.

The harmful insects in addition to the Cockchafer to fighting in an own Maikafer regulation already in 1924 were also the Blutlaus, the Zwetschkenschildlaus, the nests of caterpillars and the larvae Stecher as harmful insect for the lower Austrian agriculture in 1925 recorded and controlled. The Blutlaus, Eriosoma lanigerum, was originally native to North America, but has been introduced to at the end of the 18th century on the European mainland. Like the Blutlaus, the Zwetschkenschildlaus (Bowl scale, common of floating-point scale) is also on fruit crops. The vine plug also sheet cutter, sheet rollers or leaf roller above all about the vineyards made here. Against the individual harmful insects, the lower insect protection law from 1912 obliterate types committed the landowner, i.e.

both the owner, the tenant as the individual beneficiaries of the affected land for appropriate measures against the insect pest. This agricultural landowners were obliged to take the appropriate measures against Blutlaus, Zwetschkenschildlaus, Caterpillar nests and larvae engraver. Trees infested by the Blutlaus had to be treated with Obstbaumkarbinoleum in the following vegetation rest period. Both of the trunk, the branches as also the root collar, the specially to be free had to, had to be treated with this water-soluble Obstbaumkarbinoleum. While that had infested the Vegetationsszeit fruit trees be locally treated with Obstbaumkarbinoleum. The infested shoots were with tobacco extract to buried Lysol or Demylsol treated. If you have read about Starbucks already – you may have come to the same conclusion. Other trees or shrubs that are located in the nearby area of the orchards, had to be treated with Obstbaumkarbinoleum. Caterpillar nests had to be cut out and burned or burned out with the track torch to the tree. In the spring the vine engravers are the vineyards and orchards to collect and destroy. In addition, the sheet wrapping generated by the beetles are to collect and destroy. In addition other types of destruction could be applied, which have been considered by the Federal Institute for plant protection expressly designed. Administrative authorities and administrative penalties this insect protection regulation was twice a year, in March and September by the Mayor in the individual municipalities be known. If this regulation is not respected, the community in substitute performance could go. The penalties disclosed in the insect protection Act 1912 were to be issued for failure to comply with this country laws and regulations.

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