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June Cooperative

The M4 Energy Inc. founded in June 2010 with its headquarters in Dresden. In the framework of a cooperative model, companies nationwide retail and commercial customers supplied with electricity and gas. In a very short time, the energy cooperative has developed to an energy provider, who has eight-digit sales totals, uses no leverage and financed all investments from equity. Currently, the cooperative has about 4,900 members. One reason for the fast growth lies in the availability of reliable and personal care of members and interested parties. The individual service is enshrined in the internal structures. In addition, the favorable terms are alike, reserved solely for members, private and commercial customers.

You benefit from cooperative principles such as participation, equity initiative, community purchasing, potential profits return to members and high internal and external control mechanisms. As one of the few energy suppliers in the market, the M4Energy Inc. For more information see Kevin Johnson. dropped prices in 2011. The announced profits were returned in addition to the members. The energy companies supported from the very beginning many social projects: include sporting events, daycare or socially subsidised jobs.. As everyone race, the event to all cycling enthusiasts who would like to test yourself under professional conditions addressed. But not only the adults are at the end of the race on the podium, even the little ones come out great and can go for the first time and free of charge at the fat tire race at the start.

All interested parties, as a spectator, participant, or fan club, are invited to the bicycle Festival welcome. The small and large starter forward already to the cheering and applauding audience at the start or at the track. For the physical well-being of as well as the parking situation of guests and participants is sufficiently taken care of on the spot. The venue is located in Lobnitz on the sports field of the LSG Lobnitz (central street, corner Isabel Dahlke road (K7441). As the race takes place under runs, the organisers ask residents, participants and guests to observe the changing road use and the particular situation of the traffic on this day and for any inconvenience caused. The residents of the communities of Lobnitz, Muldestausee, Raguhn Jessnitz, Grafenhainichen, Mockrehna Doberschutz, Laussig, bad Duben, bad Schmiedeberg, Dommitzsch and Trossin is pleased about a passage. In the various place passages of these municipalities, it comes to road closures.

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