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Kone is a world leader in developing innovative solutions to complex in design, installation, upgrade and maintenance of elevators and escalators, as well as in maintenance of automatic doors. 29 000 Our specialists in 49 countries working for the good of mankind. Solutions and Services kone developed that would provide customers with maximum potential. Close co-operation, which starts at the earliest stages of the project, allows to choose a transportation solution that provides unrestricted movement of people and goods in the building throughout its lifetime. Each solution is designed to meet the kone needs of the building and is designed for residential buildings, offices, public buildings, shopping centers and transportation, railway stations and airports as well as for cultural institutions and industrial enterprises. Elevators kone are an integral part of modern buildings. KONE elevators are a means of vertical movement of passengers, making the building functional and serve to ensure compatibility with the surrounding buildings situation. Every day, millions of people use the elevators, moving efficiently from one place to another.

The company KONE – expert in the management of passenger flows. The company enables efficient movement of goods and passengers in high-rise buildings and other premises to which access would be very difficult in the absence of reliable domestic shipping system. Being the largest among the world’s production elevators and escalators, KONE offers comprehensive and innovative solutions for the installation, maintenance and modernization of elevators. kone offers clients a full range of solutions and services, from delivery to the elevator maintenance and future equipment replacement.

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