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Mehdi Ibrahimi Wafa

Work on a subtle level can not be compared with soil tillage tractor, rather – with magnetic waves flow around the earth's surface. It is because that contamination of the consciousness of many people not allow them to touch the world of the intangible and invisible in society is considered to be all magicians, clairvoyants, psychics on the Internet – charlatans. Opinion psychic. Mehdi Ibrahimi Vafa, during the live broadcast a radio program said, "- because the Internet is full of information! No one can deny that. Certain subtle charged particles are carried with an incredible speed of a computer – to the computer, they are in the air and can penetrate into any cavity, space, and the clairvoyant or psychic communication with the client on the Internet can be compared to something like a radio messaging.

Flows unseen elusive particles carry information. If there is a person who successfully captures and decodes these streams of information from the monitor screen, I admire such a specialist. "In general, anything is possible, there is no evidence to the contrary. K Unfortunately, this premise is actively exploited on the Internet and people doing their dirty business on the trust of people. In his diary, Mehdi Ibrahimi Wafa writes about how he broke into account more than once, and a hacker to find out whose it mailbox hacked, justified in the correspondence.

From the correspondence that a lady from the Maritime region, was involved (and dedicated to this very day, I think) "clairvoyance" on the Internet, ordered that a hacker break-ins profiles on the forums eliminating rivals and simultaneously collecting information on potential customers. Man wrote a psychic, "psychic" immediately ordered a hacker breaking box or client account, angling for personal information, and voila – before bright eyes, the customer presents "psychic"! To avoid such a situation, it is desirable to know certain elements of care. So you want to see a specialist on the Internet. First things first register for a new and absolutely incomparable with anything related to the mailbox, it's best – in Google. Do not start communication with the specialist, while on his page is no personal information that can be instantly verified, such as: number of urban or mobile phone, state registration of business, bank account number. Evasive answers and scary specialist should immediately alert. It is best if you immediately hear from this person on the phone – in case of fraud would be easy to find the owner of the room, and rarely a charlatan so would risk it. Avoid sites that do not have detailed personal information about the specialist – these "seers" in the network is complete, their only goal – profit, a game of trust and fraudulent zapoluchenie your money.

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